Architecture & Sustainable Design

Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.)
Female Architecture Student

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When you define your future at Penn College, you’re investing in yourself. With a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Design, you’re taking that impact to a whole new level. Explore alternative building methods and technologies that promote energy efficiency, preserve natural resources, and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Graduate School Pathways


Access to Design Studios

Sustainability Careers are Rapidly Growing


  • Sustainable designer
  • Sustainability contractor
  • Detailer
  • Architectural project team member
  • Graduate school

At Penn College, we believe your educational experience should go beyond specialized skills. Real-world ready means taking a broader approach that builds communication skills, inspires collaboration, and encourages exploration of arts, history, and science.

​​Specialization requires in-depth knowledge and high-level proficiency. Students learn and apply major-specific concepts, skills, and methods.

  • Introduction to Architecture (ACH101)
  • Architectural Graphics (ACH111)
  • Building Materials I (ACH119)
  • Architectural Computer Aided Drafting (ACH135)
  • Architectural History (ACH112)
  • Building Codes & Accessibility (ACH141)
  • Construction Documents - Residential (ACH139)
  • Building Materials II (ACH129)
  • Architectural Graphics II (ACH211)
  • Architectural Design Studio I (ACH181)
  • Construction Documents - Commercial (ACH239)
  • Structural Principles (ACH243)
  • Architectural Design Studio II (ACH261)
  • Sustainability: Building and Living Green (ACH262)
  • Computers and Estimating (ACH264)
  • Environmental Systems (ACH240)
  • Architectural Design Studio III (ACH281)
  • Specified Architecture and Sustainable Design Elective (ASD)
  • Renewable Energy Technologies (BSD420)
  • Architectural Design Studio IV (BSD332)
  • Detailing and Applications (BSD340)
  • Architectural Design Studio V (BSD352)
  • Sustainable Community Planning and Design (BSD322)
  • History of Modern Architecture (ACH272)
  • Historic Preservation (BSD410)
  • Architectural Design Studio VI (BSD432)
  • Sustainable Rating Systems (BSD450)
  • Capstone Studio (BSD497)
  • Professional Practice of Architecture (BSD460)

​Perspectives are points of view, offering a variety of ways of understanding, interacting, and influencing the world. Students identify, explain, and utilize the approaches used by academics and professionals to study, analyze, or understand problems, and offer solutions.

  • Speech Elective (SPC)
  • Open Elective (OEA)
  • Science Elective (SCI) or
  • Science Elective with lab (SCL)
  • Core Global and Cultural Diversity Perspective (CDP)
  • Core Social Science Perspective (SSP)
  • Exploration Electives (OEE)

​​Foundations are the practical, intellectual, and social skills: communication, collaboration, critical and ethical thinking, quantitative thinking, and technological literacy that are crucial to every student at every stage of education and at every stage of life.

  • First Year Experience (FYE101)
  • College Algebra and Trigonometry I (MTH180)
  • English Composition I (ENL111)
  • Physics Survey (PHS103) or
  • Physics with Technological Applications (PHS114)
  • English Composition II (ENL121) or
  • Technical and Professional Communication (ENL201)
  • Introduction to Geometry (MTH172) or
  • College Algebra and Trigonometry II (MTH182)

Collaborative Studio Space

Mixed use studios carve out space for design presentation, computer work, and layout table with designated model-building areas. 

Student Experience

Brent designs spaces for retail clients. He also leads a group that has implemented technologies such as 3D scanning and virtual reality. 

“3D scanning captures everything on-site, well beyond the tape and laser, which was the old way of doing things,” Brent says. “We bring that data home, and from there we develop construction drawings.” 

Brent Dressler, Larson Design Group

Building Science & Sustainable Design: Architecture Technology Concentration

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Your knowledge in practice

Internships are key for career preparation. Apply your know-how in the workplace and learn about the industry first-hand. 

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Student Life

Lead and put your skills to the test

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) at Penn College

Appreciate architecture with friends and make connections that last a lifetime. This organization focuses on building leadership skills and community outreach. 

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Students bolster classroom lessons through industrial site visit

Students in Rob A. Wozniak’s Building Materials I class recently visited Centre Concrete in Montoursville, valuably ...


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See the world via Williamsport. Take your education abroad and get hands-on experience learning about your industry on a global scale.

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Student Experience

The community as their classroom

Seniors build up hopes of ‘sustainable’ custom

“Sustainable Design 2019,” showcased in The Gallery at Penn College, challenged students to design and develop a substantial project in an urban setting. Seniors in the building science and sustainable design programs rose to the task, drawing upon four years of immersive education to present capstones that skillfully encompass their processes, renderings and 3D models.

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Alternative Credit refers to academic credits earned through means other than traditional college course completion, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

Visit the Alternative Credit Options page for requirements and procedures and for information on credit through Advanced Placement.

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CAD Software Links and Computer Specifications

The following is a list of information that will be helpful for Architectural Technology and Building Science and Sustainable Design students interested in purchasing their own computers. Please note that purchasing a computer and software is optional. Students in our programs are not required to purchase their own computers. Many of our classrooms are equipped with computers and we have open computer labs most evenings and during the weekend.

Students in the Architectural Technology and Building Science and Sustainable Design majors use the following programs:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk Revit®
  • Trimble Sketchup®
  • Adobe Photoshop®

Many of the software products developed by Autodesk are free to our students if they enroll in the Autodesk® student community. If students wish to purchase their own computers, we suggest they purchase one capable of running Revit.

Uniforms and tools are available for purchase through The College Store.

  • Mr. Larry Basile, '91, Vice President of Sales, Supply Source, Inc.
  • Mr. David W Daneker, '81, Project/Property Manager, Susquehanna Health
  • Mr. Robert J Gehr, AIA, NCARB, '86, Regional Director, Larson Design Group, Inc.
  • Mr. Jeff A LeFevre, '75, President, LeFevre Wilk Architects, LLC
  • Mr. Brent A Stebbins, '88, Architect/Designer, RLPS Architects
  • Mr. Anthony H Visco, Jr., '69, Owner, Anthony H. Visco, Jr., Architects

Associate Director of Admissions

Claire Biggs

SASC, Rm. 1071
800.367.9222 ext. 7503