Scholarships are payments from Penn College or private sources made to support your education, and are typically awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement. You do not repay scholarships. As of December 2018, students must complete Penn College's Scholarship Application to be considered for any Penn College Scholarship. Award timeline for scholarships

Many scholarships have financial need criteria, and we recommend that you submit your  FAFSA as early as possible each year.

Scholarship awards are credited on your student tuition bill, and are reflected on your 'Financial Aid Award Summary' page on the Student Information System (SIS). Be aware that some scholarships funded by external sources may not arrive until after the due date of your student bill; you may need to arrange to have your student bill paid until those funds arrive.

Penn College Scholarships

Penn College Scholarship Application

Penn College provides more than 300 scholarships. You must submit your Penn College Scholarship Application once per academic year in order to be considered for any of our scholarships. The application will match you with as many of Penn College's scholarships as you are eligible for. If you are awarded a Penn College scholarship, the College will notify you via email as soon as possible following your selection, typically prior to the beginning of the semester.

Penn College scholarship application timeline:

  • December 1 - Penn College begins accepting applications.
  • March 1 - Priority Submission Deadline
  • Early March - Penn College begins awarding scholarships.
  • October 1 - Deadline for spring semester scholarship awards.

Most Penn College scholarships require that you be enrolled as a full-time student, though a few allow for part-time status.

If you receive a Penn College scholarship, and that scholarship is renewable, you will be the first student considered for that scholarship the following year, as long as you submit your scholarship application each year and continue to meet that scholarship's criteria, which typically includes a requirement that you maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

External Scholarships

Penn College maintains a list of external scholarships offered by benefactors not associated with Penn College. Each of these scholarships is unique, with separate application forms, procedures, requirements, and deadlines. This is not a comprehensive list; you are encouraged to seek out other sources of scholarship funding or information, such as high school counselors, bank trust officers, libraries, places of worship, employers, and social-civic organizations. Apply early; deadlines vary.

Many regional and national scholarships, in addition to the external scholarships listed by Penn College, are available. You can conduct your own search for scholarships through a number of search engines. Penn College suggests you start with these scholarship search engines:

Be aware:

  • Read privacy policies for external scholarships carefully before providing your address, email, or other personal information.
  • Do not pay to use a scholarship search organization; in most cases, these offers are not worth the money.
  • Offers to consider you for a scholarship in exchange for an application fee – by email, letter, or phone – are likely scams. If you are unsure, contact the Financial Aid Office to have it verified.

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