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Education is an investment in yourself and your future. We're here to help you put your best foot forward and take advantage of every opportunity to lighten the load. 

Free Money

When we put it that way, what's not to love? Unlike loans, scholarships don't need to be repaid. So the more scholarships you can earn, the more you can carve off your bottom line.

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The possibilities are endless. Get creative. Explore all of your options including Penn College and external scholarships. And combine as many as you can.

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Penn College Scholarships

350+ Opportunities & Growing

As a Penn College student, you can put your name in the running for all types of scholarships. All you need to do is submit your Financial Aid Authorization (FAA) form, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and Penn College Scholarship Application.

External Scholarships

Lots of organizations offer scholarships like employers, clubs, places of worship, civic groups, and community foundations. Be resourceful. Get creative. Ask around. And take advantage of any and all possibilities. 


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Penn College Scholarships

Just to highlight a few...

Here are a handful of popular Penn College scholarships to consider. As long as you're eligible, these are stackable and can be combined to maximize your savings. 

Career & Technical Education Scholarship

If you're attending a CTC or CTE, this scholarship keeps that momentum going. It's exclusively for residents in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut and offers $2,000 annually.  

Penn College Transfer Student Scholarship

This one is exclusively for our high achievers. To take advantage of this, you must be transferring to Penn College for your bachelor's degree.

Lenfest Scholars Program

If you're graduating from a Mastery Charter school or the Philadelphia Futures program and you're pursuing an associate's degree, make sure to check out this special program.

The Howley Scholarship

If you graduate from an approved school in the Philadelphia or Cleveland regions and meet the academic requirements, you’ll be eligible for this generous $10,000 scholarship.

Summer Camp Scholarship

Come for a summer camp at Penn College and you'll get a $1,000 annual scholarship for Penn College. Join us for two and get $2,000 annually.  

Youth Leadership Scholarship

Graduate from the Youth Leadership program at Penn College and you'll be eligible for a $2,000 annual scholarship.

PFEW Scholarship

Join us for the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week and you could score another $1,000 annual scholarship.

SkillsUSA Scholarship

Take home an award in SkillsUSA and you'll earn a scholarship to continue your education Penn College. Scholarship values are based on how you place during your competition.

STEM Scholars Scholarship

Attend a participating STEM-focused high school and earn a scholarship so you can transform tomorrow at Penn College. 

YES Certificate Program Scholarship

Graduate from the Your Employability Skills (YES) program and you'll be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship. 

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