Sue Kelley

On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the School of Business, Arts & Sciences at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Our School is home to 10 diverse majors that prepare students for competitive careers in the brewing and fermentation sciences, graphic design and advertising arts, emergency management, human services and early childhood fields. We also host individualized programs of study, multiple minors, and we provide the majority of the general education courses that are required to earn a Penn College degree. In our School, students learn and apply real world skills that help them become more marketable.

Our general education courses are required for all Penn College majors and are designed to help students develop the critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills necessary to succeed in all career fields. The general education coursework also provides students an opportunity to experience and thrive within diverse learning environments created to help students succeed in the varied and changing cultures found today in nearly every workplace.

We offer small classes and excellent faculty who possess high quality academic credentials and, in our program areas, specific work experience in the areas in which they teach. The mission of our School is to enhance students' personal growth and professional development through a dynamic integration of the liberal arts and sciences and technology. Whether you pursue a two-year or four-year degree, a certificate, or a competency credential, you will develop the skills and knowledge that will prepare you well for the world of work and life.

Sue Kelley
Dean of Business, Arts & Sciences

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