Workforce Development

Building skills. Improving processes. Delivering results. Workforce Development at Penn College customizes and delivers innovative, cost-effective, professional development training to meet operational goals and challenges of business and industry. Provide your workforce with the most relevant, up-to-date, and comprehensive training available.

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Corporate Relations

Partnerships with business and industry are a long-standing tradition reflected in the College’s mission and values. Partnerships take the form of scholarships, donations, and guest lecturing to participating on program advisory committees, hiring interns, and much more.

In addition to meeting philanthropic interests of business and industry, these partnerships are integral to providing students with the hands-on technical education experience needed to meet the changing workforce needs of employers.

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Hiring Grads & Interns

“We have a couple PhDs here, but the bachelor degree student coming out of Penn College can run circles around anybody else I've talked to.”

Ross Bird, '01, Electronics Engineering Technology
President, QorTek

We look forward to partnering with you to meet your workforce needs, whether that is through summer and part-time work, internships, or full-time job placement. Career Services at Penn College makes it easy to recruit qualified graduates in a range of fields.

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