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From the Penn College community.

Baja SAE club President Marshall Fowler

Baja team brings real-world application to a student-level learning

As I finish up my third year in the Engineering Design Technology program, I look back at the things I have accomplished over the past three years.

Michael Sormilic

Internship fuels passion for learning

As if his pursuit of simultaneous degrees doesn’t give it away, Michael Sormilic relishes the educational opportunities afforded by his enrollment at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Working toward an associate degree in electric power generation technology and a bachelor’s in building automation engineering technology, the Southbury, Connecticut, resident spent the summer in a valuable industry internship. In this Q&A , he shares his takeaways from the experience – lessons in teamwork, gratitude, proble

Chet Beaver, MSG USA (Retired)

Make the Most of Your Military Aid

Respect and gratitude for the sacrifice and service of its military family runs deep at Pennsylvania College of Technology, which, from its very beginnings in 1914, helped World War I veterans attain gainful and meaningful job skills.

Malcolm Lampkin

Lessons for a lifetime

My name is Malcolm Lampkin. I’m from Horsham, Pennsylvania, and am a senior in the software development and information management major.

Megan Bugbee

Achieving goals on and off the field

Meet Megan Bugbee, a star on the field and in the classroom.

Sydney Telesky

Scholarship Opens Opportunities

I never thought of coming to Penn College to further my education. Growing up, I wanted a different experience than my father, who attended school here.

Colin Browne

Outdoor Recreation Inspires Leadership

Over the summer, I took the class “Outdoor Recreation as a Therapeutic Tool.” From my personal perspective, the class was hands- down the best class I have ever taken.

Maddie Metzger

Transferring tips for smooth sailing

We know there are a million reasons why you might decide to transfer colleges; maybe the program isn’t what you imagined, the drive home is farther than you remembered it or your financial situation has changed.

Christopher Ray

Location, Location, Location?

In real estate, location as the three most important things is a tried and true axiom. But when you’re a larger company building an apprenticeship program, location, especially multiple company locations, can be your biggest challenge.

Christopher Ray

The missing piece to your skills gap puzzle

Apprenticeships are an excellent and sustainable training solution to skills gap issues.

Maddie Metzger

Eight tips to the best college visit

Visits to campus can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the college search. During your trip, you’ll get to see campus and immerse yourself in the school’s culture for the day.

Christopher Ray


There are many “ships” in the workforce world – internship, externship, returnship, pre-apprenticeship. So how does apprenticeship stack up in this crowded lineup, and more importantly what differentiates it?

Danielle Wesneski

A recipe for success

As the end of my senior year approaches and I reflect on my time at Penn College, I am filled with so many emotions: joy, sadness, excitement, nervousness, but mostly gratitude.


Student-athlete fields questions about welding career choice

Joe Ciaccia began welding a few years ago. He obviously took to the trade.

Dr. Naim Jabbour

Answers to your architecture questions

Naim N. Jabbour, assistant professor of architectural technology at Penn College, recently fielded a series of commonly asked questions – profound and playful, serious and silly – in a video aimed at those considering a future in the field.

Alain Johnson

Automotive grad makes ‘PACT’ to earn customers’ trust

A graduate of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s automotive technology: Honda PACT emphasis major, Alain Johnson is straddling two worlds: sharing through his day job what he has learned, while working toward adding a degree to his toolkit.

Mike Cunningham

Philanthropic grad/retiree supporting next generation of students

An award-winning alumnus with a decades-long family connection to Williamsport Area Community College and Pennsylvania College of Technology has the perfect vantage point from which to view his personal accomplishments and the institution that helped shape them.


Inspired by Donor Support

Mary Watts is a senior at Pennsylvania College of Technology, majoring in Information Assurance & Cyber Security. She is vice president of the ISA organization on campus. When Mary isn’t busy in class or working as a student college relations assistant, she enjoys relaxing at home and spending time with her family.


Designing your dream job

As Senior UI/UX Designer for Blackboard, an educational technology company, Kimbr Filko applies the skills she learned at Penn College to design websites for K-12 schools.


Joining forces to transform tomorrow

West Pharmaceutical Services harness a powerful combination of innovation, technology, infrastructure, and expertise to serve the pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer industries.


“The possibilities are almost endless”

Penn College’s plastics and polymer engineering technology major led Brandon Zechman to calculate a formula for personal success: intellectual engagement + hands-on learning + supportive faculty and industry = “love at first sight.”


Cherished Meals

After working as a pastry chef and production manager for a French bakery in Portland, Oregon, 2014 baking and pastry arts graduate Amy (Lynn) Koral turned a side gig into a full-time career.

Alexis Ashby

Surgical technologists expect the unexpected in the OR

As a certified surgical technologist Alexis Ashby keeps a vigilant eye to keep patients safe in the operating room. She is grateful to impact lives, even if her patients are unaware.

Matt Staub

Google this: PCB design engineer

As a printed circuit board (PCB) design engineer for Google’s Pixel hardware group, Matt Staub engages daily in complex designs and active collaboration (with the occasional ping-pong game and Google bike ride on the side).

John Urick

Alumnus answers call for students impacted by devastating pandemic

I know the impact that a Pennsylvania College of Technology applied technology education has on lives.

Sydney Brown

Supportive faculty provide life hacks

As my final semester comes to a close, I would like to thank and recognize Dr. Jacob Miller and Dr. Sandra Gorka for all they have done for the information technology majors and my growth as a Penn College student.

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Reclaiming STEM education

President Davie Jane Gilmour rallied the Pennsylvania Association of Career & Technical Administrators to action in her keynote address at the 2020 Career Readiness Symposium. The goal: to reimagine and redefine STEM career education and communication for today’s youth. The transcript of her speech follows.

Joe Gasparetti

A career as sweet as candy

Joe Gasparetti, a 2001 graphic design graduate, is the design manager for Mars Wrigley (They’re the people who make M&Ms!).

Tiffany Brown

Home-field advantages

Reflecting upon the growth of Wildcat Athletics since my freshman year (2016), I am extremely thankful for each member of the athletic department for their constant support on and off the field.

Jillian Hiestand

Making a positive impact 3,000 miles away

I always knew my life’s purpose was to serve others through nursing. However, I never imagined I would find myself in the small town of Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala, doing just that.

Olivia Ferki

The strength of industry support

Scholarships can change your college experience. My college experience was changed during my freshman year.

Zach Kravitz

Reflections of gratitude

Assuming all goes according to plan in seven months, my Williamsport résumé will reflect a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a handful of student leadership positions that I have been privileged to serve in over the years.


Well-rounded global experience

My initial global experience through Penn College affected my life in many positive ways.

Darryl Kehrer

Alumni Love: '70s Style

Miss Dawn Wahler caught my eye from afar sitting on one of those high, drafting stools in the cavernous drafting room in WACC’s “Unit 6,” a historic former trolley barn.


Final Thoughts

When finals are impending, what do you do? Get study tips from the experts.

Amanda Suda

Making Friends & Finding Purpose

When anyone asks me what I like most about college, I tell them CRU. CRU has changed my life for the better, and has made my time at Penn College even more enjoyable.

Tia La

Relish Today… Ketchup Tomorrow

As the school year draws increasingly near, bringing new students with it to campus, I find the most common question I encounter is “What is there to do around here?”

Lauren Herr

Fostering a Strong Foundation for a Successful Future

As an intern, I am always apprehensive walking into a company for my first day on the job.

R. Colby Janowitz

And They're Off!

The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs is a unique experience from any perspective.

Lauren Crouse

More Than a Degree

Growing into who you are is something that takes a level of self-awareness and hard work. Transition occurs throughout everyone’s lives at different times and in different ways.


It’s all in a day’s work

When she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015 for her role in sending the first Americans into space, Katherine Johnson declared, “It was just another day’s work.”

Breanne Chandler

A Recipe for Success

From day one as a freshman in PCT’s graphic design program, I knew that in order to graduate, I would be required to present an original and high-quality senior project.

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Author/Journalist to Unravel Opioid Epidemic

The statistics are sobering. Pennsylvania ranked sixth in drug-related death rates in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Some Lessons Are Timeless

In a daily world that is filled with chaos and change, it is heartwarming to know that caring still counts and is important.

Thomas Speicher

Eric Albert Manufactures Fun

His desk functions as a graveyard for gadgets, gizmos and glue sticks. Books and batteries balance on his overflowing shelves. Countless cables cover his floor. What many would regard as clutter is inspiration for Eric Albert.


See It, Believe It?

Words or pictures? Which holds the greater value for you?


Is Time Really on Our Side?

If I just had more time. How often has this thought crossed your mind?

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

When Children Ask, What Will We Say?

What have we come to? I tuned into each of the Presidential Debates.  However, I confess I was only able to watch for about 20 minutes.  The reason why is simple. I began to think about my 11-year- old grandson.


Experience Inspires Learning

Dr. Craig Miller

The Echo Chamber, Choices, and the 2016 Election

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Saying No?


Presenters Speak Your Language

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Taking Chances

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour - Profile of a College President

Davie Jane Gilmour is determined to make a difference. In her 18 years as President of Pennsylvania College of Technology, she has made volunteerism a priority because she believes personal involvement is key to building strong communities.