Internship Support Fund

Opening doors to immersive learning experiences, Penn College's Internship Support Fund offers funding to cover certain housing and transportation expenses for students pursuing internship experiences.
Internship Support Fund

Opening doors to hands-on experiences.

With an internship, you can become field-tested before you even graduate. We're here to minimize barriers so you can enjoy great internship experiences with less financial stress.


Funding can be used to pay for a deposit on rental housing, the first month's rent, or other housing-related expenses.


Alternatively, funding can be used to pay for a plane ticket to your internship location, for commuting expenses, or other transportation-related expenses.

Get Creative

We'll help you explore your anticipated expenses and offer funding for your most pressing needs.

How to Apply

Our Funding Process

We want you to get this funding just as much as you do. Here's how to make that happen.

Complete the application


Complete the Application

Apply via our online application in just 15 minutes.


Meet with Us

To get to know you and better understand your needs and career goals, finalists will be invited to meet with members of our team for a brief interview.


Get Funded!

We will extend a funding offer to the most qualified finalists to subsidize agreed-upon expenses.

We review each application holistically—balancing demonstrated need, academic merit, past involvement and experience, adversity overcome, and the connection between the internship and the applicant’s career goals. To stand out, write your application thoughtfully, tell your story honestly, and be sure to connect your internship with your career goals.

While we can’t fund your entire internship, we do want to help you reduce “barrier expenses.” These include the first expenses you might incur, such as the deposit on a housing rental, transportation to your internship location, your first month’s rent, or commuting expenses. We will work with finalists individually to determine the best direction for their funding.

We will provide each applicant with a funding decision within ten business days of their application submission.

Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled full-time at the time of their application
    • Students need not be enrolled full-time during their internship
  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Have completed at least two semesters at Penn College before their internship begins
  • Have at least one semester remaining before graduation after their internship ends
  • Be pursuing an internship that will last at least six weeks, including at least 20 hours worked per week

Finalists who receive a funding offer must inform the Center for Career Design team if they accept a different internship offer. Funding offers are contingent upon the internship you apply to fund. We cannot guarantee your funding offer will remain if you switch internships.

Let’s get you funded.

The Center for Career Design exists to connect Wildcats with transformative professional experiences. Our team evaluates funding applications and works with qualified applicants to minimize barriers to professional experiences.

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Opening Doors
The Funders

Opening Doors

To expand access to professional experiences for Penn College students, Keith and Jennifer Kuzio and their family established the first endowed internship fund at the institution. “We both had great internship experiences during our college years, and we also saw the significant impact that internships had on the degree choices and career paths of our three children,” the Kuzios said. “The aim of this fund is to ‘pay it forward’ by helping Penn College students make the most of college internships that are available out there.”

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Help connect future Wildcats with transformative internship experiences by supporting the Internship Support Fund. Contact College Relations to make your gift today.


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