Academic Affairs

Part of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s mission is to provide students with opportunities to develop intellectually, ethically, socially, culturally, and personally. In conjunction with other campus departments, Academic Affairs ensures that the College’s academic programs and learning environment support that mission.


  • Academic Affairs
  • Davie Jane Gilmour Center, Rm. 3052
Our People
Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way

At Penn College, we believe your education should challenge you. It should inspire you to reach higher. To dream bigger. And to make tomorrow better than today. 

Our entire community, from the faculty who stand by your side to leadership blazing the way, is committed to your future.

Meet our leadership


Our faculty are dedicated to providing students with skills and knowledge that will make a difference on the job. Their doors are always open to students in need.

Support Staff

Our support staff, working across all departments, are equally committed to helping students succeed academically.

Administrative Team

Our administrative team ensures that the components of our academic system work together effectively and that each student experiences both the challenges and rewards of a superior technical education.

Academic Programs

Across 100+ majors, Penn College students are learning to work, solve, and lead in a wide range of in-demand fields.

Academic Calendar

See alll important dates, from Convocation to Spring Commencement and into the Summer Session.

Course Evaluations

We use SmartEvals’ online course evaluation suite which is designed with cutting-edge technology, providing a tremendous level of flexibility and customization. The SmartEvals Online Course Evaluations platform works to engage meaningful dialogues on the quality of academic curricula, the quality of instruction, and overall student satisfaction—fostering better educational experiences for students and faculty alike.