Michael Damiani

Instructor, Aviation

  • dmd18@pct.edu
  • 570.320.2400 ext. 3631
  • AVC, Rm.A205
Michael Damiani

David Michael "Mike" Damiani has enjoyed a widely varied career in aviation. He is currently an instructor of aviation at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport Pennsylvania. He holds a U. S. Airframe and powerplant license with an Inspection Authorization and a Limited Commercial Pilot certificate rated for Single engine land airplanes with Tailwheel, Complex, and High Performance aircraft endorsements. He has approximately 25 years of experience in General Aviation, maintaining and inspecting light aircraft powered by reciprocating engines. He spent 6 1/2 years as a Lycoming Engines Field Service Technical Representative specializing in troubleshooting and servicing Lycoming legacy reciprocating engines. Mike currently teaches Airframe and Powerplant classes Pennsylvania College of Technology as well as the Lycoming Engines Piston Engine Service School course through a partnership with Pennsylvania College of Technology's Workforce Development and Continuing Education department. Mike is an experienced technician and pilot of vintage and antique aircraft and serves part time as the volunteer Director of Maintenance and a staff pilot for Golden Age Air Museum in Bethel Pennsylvania. His experience there includes maintaining and operating a fleet of aircraft and engines ranging from a Fokker Dr. 1 Triplane powered by an original LeRhone 9c Rotary engine, two Curtiss OX-5 powered aircraft and engines plus many other rare vintage aircraft. He flies the museum's WW1 Sopwith Pup replica, Velie M5 powered Monocoupe 70, Aeronca C-3 and WACO 10/GXE. Mike is also an accomplished classical and Jazz Trombonist performing with many local ensembles.