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You’re Wildcat ready.

Below are your next steps for keeping the momentum going. We are currently working to transition 2024/25 data to our new Student Portal. While some items can be completed immediately, other steps may not be available as we work through the transition. Please be patient as we work to bring you a better portal experience. This page will be updated regularly. Please check back for real-time updates.  When do you plan to start?

Activate Your Network Account

Where do I activate?

In your Applicant Dashboard, you will find your Network Account Letter. This letter contains the network username and temporary password you will use to activate your network account at

What’s next?

Once activated, you will use your network account to access the Student Portal, your Penn College email, and other computer resources.

Meet Placement Requirements

Placement is a math skills evaluation process used to determine your level of readiness for college-level courses. The results will allow us to place you into first-semester courses that match your skill level, positioning you for academic success. Most students satisfy this requirement through placement testing. Instructions for that are below.

Where do I check status and register?

Visit your Applicant Dashboard to check your placement status and to register for placement testing, if needed.

Where do I take my test and view results?

To take your test, log in to the Student Portal using your Penn College username and password. Click on "External Links" then "Legacy SIS." Log in to the SIS. Go to "Admissions Information" on the left and choose "Placement Testing." You can follow the same process to view results.

Want to meet placement requirements through qualifying SAT/ACT scores or transferred courses from other colleges? Learn more here.

Connect With Disability & Access Resources (DAR)

Penn College encourages qualified students with disabilities to take advantage of its educational programs, activities and events. Accommodations and services are available to ensure the best possible learning environment for all.

Where can I learn more about DAR?

Visit the DAR website.

Where can I submit my self-disclosure form? 

Visit this website page.

Complete Your Financial Aid Authorization (FAA)

The first step toward receiving financial aid is to complete your FAA. This form is unique to Penn College and allows us to process any other financial aid applications that you send to us, like the FAFSA.

Where do I complete? 

Complete your FAA in the Student Portal. Click on My Financial Aid, then FAA Form. On this screen, click the Financial Aid Authorization Form. 

What if I need assistance?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or 570.327.4766 or 800.367.9222.

File Your Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Most Penn College students receive one or more types of financial aid (grants, scholarships, or loans).

Where can I learn more about the FAFSA? 

Visit our website to learn more.

Where do I view my awards?

In the near future, awards will be available via the Student Portal. We understand that this information is important to students and families. We are working diligently to make this available ASAP.

What if I need assistance?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or 570.327.4766 or 800.367.9222.

Complete Your Penn College Scholarship Application

Scholarships are financial aid that does not need to be paid back. Complete the Penn College Scholarship Application and we'll match you with as many of our scholarships as you are eligible for.

Where do I complete?

Complete the Penn College Scholarship Application on our website using your Penn College username and password.

How do I find out if I received a scholarship? 

In the near future, scholarships will be available via the Student Portal. We understand that this information is important to students and families. We are working diligently to make this available ASAP.

What if I need assistance?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or 570.327.4766 or 800.367.9222.

Grant Access To Parent & Family Experience Portal

Soon we’ll be launching the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) module in the Penn College Parent and Family Experience Portal. You’ll be notified when you can grant access to FERPA protected information.

Where do I grant access?

Grant access in the Student Portal.

Student Portal Status

Coming Soon

Confirm Intent To Enroll

We’ve offered you acceptance, now it’s time to seal the deal. Let us know you plan to join by confirming your intent to enroll. This consists of replying to your offer of admission and paying the $150 non-refundable tuition deposit.

Where do I confirm intent to enroll?

Confirm through your Applicant Dashboard.

When should I do this? 

Do this as soon as possible to secure your spot.

Make Living Arrangements

On Campus: On-campus housing provides a student-centered environment with all the comforts of home. On-campus housing is currently at capacity for the Fall 2024 semester. Incoming students applying for housing will be placed on a waitlist. 
Off Campus: If you prefer to live in an off-campus apartment or to commute from home, off-campus living and commuter services are available.

Where do I complete my housing contract and submit deposit?

Fill out the On-campus Housing Contract and submit the housing deposit on the Student Portal to reserve your space. Visit "Housing," select "Housing Contract," and log in with your Penn College username and password.

When should I do this?

Do this as soon as possible to secure your spot on the waitlist or lock in your lease. 

Upload Your Student ID Photo

Upload your photo for use on your official Penn College Student ID. We’ll have your ID ready for you when you come to campus for New Student Orientation.

Where do I upload?

Upload your ID photo by heading to this page.

Can I upload now?

Yes. The final day to upload your photo is Friday, August 9. If you miss the cut-off, you'll get your photo taken on-campus at the ID Center during Welcome Week.

Review Your Schedule

After you have met placement requirements, your first-semester schedule will be created for you, guided by the following factors:

  • The requirements of your curriculum and recommendations of your academic school
  • Your placement results
  • Transferred courses, if applicable
  • Alternative credit such as advanced placement.

Where can I view my schedule?

You can view your schedule on the Student Portal. What you see in the portal is not official as schedules are not finalized yet. We will notify you via your Penn College email when your schedule has been completed.

What if I have questions or want to discuss my schedule? 

You'll have an opportunity to discuss during the Academic School Overview session at New Student Orientation. You can also contact the Michael J. Hudock, Sr. Center for Academic Excellence with questions.

Participate In New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is designed to help you and your parents/guests prepare for the road ahead.

How do I learn more?

New Student Orientation is for students who have confirmed their intent to enroll. See New Student Orientation for details.

How do I register?

Register through your Applicant Dashboard. Note that capacity is limited and dates will fill up. 

Submit Final Transcripts

We need your final, official transcripts before you can start classes. This applies whether you recently graduated from high school or just completed a semester at another college. Have your transcript sent directly from your previous high school or college to

Pay Your Bill

You will receive an email at your Penn College account when your electronic bill (eBill) is ready. Pay your bill by the deadline to avoid late fees.

See this page for important dates and payment plan details.

Where can I pay my bill?

Your bill will be available for your review on the Student Portal in early July.

Student Portal Status

Coming Soon

Complete Health Requirements

All incoming students must submit proof of immunizations prior to their arrival on campus.

How do I learn more?

Visit Immunization Requirements for a complete list of required immunizations and instructions for submitting them to College Health Services.

How do I submit my immunization records?

Log into the College Health Portal using your Penn College username and password.

Get Books, Supplies, And Computer

The materials you need for your first semester will be determined by your class schedule. You will learn more about this during New Student Orientation.

How do I know which supplies I need for class?

You can access book requirements for each class from your schedule on the Student Portal. Tools, uniforms, equipment, and special supplies (if needed) are listed on your major's web page. Books, tools, supplies, and uniforms are available for purchase at The College Store. For more information about computer requirements, check out this page.

Student Portal Status

Coming Soon.

While visible on the Student Portal, your schedule is not yet finalized. We will be in touch when the final schedule is posted.

Attend Welcome Week

Welcome Week takes place a week before the start of classes. It is your official welcome to Penn College.

When can I move in? 

Wednesday, August 14 is move-in day.

How do I learn more about move-in and Welcome Week?

See details and get schedule information here.

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Classes at Penn College start on August 19, 2024