Minors & Immersions

Seize every opportunity to make the most of your education.

Go Beyond

College is a time for discovery. Pushing boundaries. And welcoming new ideas. Thanks to a diverse group of minors and immersions, you’ll have a chance to chase your interests wherever they take you.

  • Personalize your career path
  • Explore two different areas
  • Connect related subjects
  • Expand your marketability
  • Stand out among other job candidates

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Thinking of adding a minor or immersion? Planning ahead is always best. Here’s what you need to know.


  • As a bachelor-degree student, you may earn up to two minors.
  • Twelve or 13 of your 18-21 required credits, depending on the minor, must be completed at Penn College and taken at the 200 level or higher.
  • You may not enroll in a minor within the same discipline as your declared major (including a dual degree).
  • A minor can be declared any time before the petitioning period in your final semester.
  • All coursework applied to a minor must be completed with a grade of 'C' (2.0) or higher.
  • Pass/fail courses cannot be applied toward a minor.
  • Bachelor-degree graduates may re-enroll up to two years after graduation to complete a minor.
  • Successfully completed minors will appear on your official college transcripts.


  • As an associate-degree, bachelor-degree or master's degree student, you may earn up to two immersions.
  • Each immersion requires 10 credits.
  • All coursework applied to the Immersions must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ (2.0) or higher.
  • An immersion can be declared before the petitioning period in your final semester.
  • Successfully completed immersions will appear on your official college transcripts.

Accounting & Finance


Pair accounting skills with your major area of study and open new career possibilities. (online friendly)


Masterfully manage money and you’ll be in demand across industries of all types and sizes. (online friendly)

Financial Counseling

Specialize in lending informed insight and lead your organization or clients to new heights. (online friendly)


Business & Leadership

Business Administration

Hone the leadership and communication skills that’ll push you to the top of your trade. (online friendly)

Business Analytics

Bring analytical skills to the table and you’ll quickly become an asset in your future career.


Become a successful leader and your opportunities for advancement are endless. (online friendly)


Add a minor in Management and be the force that takes your organization to new heights. (online friendly)

Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Follow your dream of launching or managing a small business and shape the skills to make it happen.


Communication & Marketing

Communication Studies

Become a successful communicator and naturally rise to the top of your field.

Digital Marketing

Get experience with digital marketing and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Pair the power of marketing with your area of study and amplify your career options.


Creative Design

Graphic Design

Expand your career prospects by exploring graphic design fundamentals employed in advertising, web, and social media.

Industrial Design

Introduce all types of design solutions that improve and enhance everyday life.


Flex your creativity with a minor that complements a host of business and art-related majors.


Engineering Technologies

Architectural Technology

Expand your knowledge base by specializing in the materials, methods, and technologies that bring buildings to life.

Engineering Design Technology

Learn the technical aspects of the design process and open the door to more opportunities in your field.

Industrial Design

Introduce all types of design solutions that improve and enhance everyday life.

Information Assurance & Cyber Security

Enhance your IT skillset by learning how to protect vital information assets and prevent security threats.


From CNC machining and robotics to lean manufacturing and quality control, you'll learn what it takes to make a difference in modern manufacturing.

Non-Destructive Testing

Use the latest testing technologies to evaluate, analyze, and gain insight into your area of specialization.


Uncover the endless potential of robotics in the worlds of manufacturing, automation, and welding.

Software Development

Gain the analytical and technical skills needed to create applications.

Sustainable Design

Preserve tomorrow’s resources by incorporating sustainable design concepts into all aspects of your career.


Science, History & Math


Add a minor in biology and explore the amazing realm of living organisms.


Embrace a broader perspective that lends insight across nearly every discipline.


Sharpen your problem solving skills and master advanced level math.


Social Sciences

Criminal Justice

Pair this minor with your passion for helping others and become a positive force for change.

Emergency Management Technology

Take the lead and prepare to take to action when emergencies strike. (online friendly)


Gain a better understanding of yourself and others, facilitate a positive working environment, and develop compassionate leadership skills. (online friendly)


Diversity & Inclusion

Explore diversity-related topics in preparation to work with and advocate for various populations. 

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