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Concurrent Enrollment

Did you know that you can begin your bachelor’s program at Penn College while finishing your associate’s degree?

With concurrent enrollment, you don’t need to wait until you graduate with an associate’s to begin bachelor-level coursework. Enroll in one of our completion programs and you can get a head start by taking online courses during the last year of your associate’s program at Penn College or another accredited institution.

In addition to reducing the time it takes to earn your bachelor’s, there are lots of perks that come with concurrent enrollment. These programs are 100% online and can be completed around your schedule. You’ll also get our in-state tuition rate regardless of where you live.

Check out the options below. When you find the pathway that aligns with your career goals, we’ll help you put a plan in place.

Completion Degrees

Whether you dream of a career in nursing or want to pursue another healthcare speciality, earning a bachelor's degree will open the door to advancement and expedite career mobility. With concurrent enrollment, you’ll get credit for your technical coursework and most, if not all, of your general education courses.

Designed for students enrolled in associate programs such as surgical technology and radiography, this major takes your education to the next level. You'll prepare for positions in healthcare management, administration, public health, research, medical equipment sales, and more. This is also excellent preparation for master’s programs.

Ideal for students enrolled in an accredited associate-degree nursing program, this option prepares registered nurses for advanced clinical and administrative positions in the traditional in-patient setting, as well as opportunities in other patient care settings such as home health nursing, public health nursing, nursing education, the armed services, case management, and leadership.

An option for students currently enrolled in CODA-accredited dental hygiene associate-degree majors, this program provides opportunities for licensed dental hygienists to seek advanced positions within the field or within related areas of education, government, insurance, and public health.


How to Enroll

If you're interested in pursuing concurrent enrollment or just want to learn more, your program director can guide you through the process. 

Contact Your Program Office

Eligibility & Restrictions

To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide an official transcript demonstrating
    • current enrollment in an appropriate associate-degree major at an accredited institution*;
    • successful completion of a minimum number of credits*; and
    • a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Satisfy all other Penn College application and placement requirements.

*Specific requirements vary depending on the desired bachelor’s degree. Please contact Admissions or the appropriate program representative for specific details.

Students will need to work closely with the Financial Aid offices at both institutions to determine how their aid will apply.

Once enrolled at Penn College, the student must continue to meet certain conditions to remain concurrently enrolled:

  • Prior to each semester, the student must arrange for their associate-degree program director to send verification of continued enrollment and good standing within the associate-degree program.
  • The student will work closely with their Penn College academic advisor to select and schedule no more than two classes (6 credits) each semester while concurrently enrolled.
  • The student may take no more than 24 credits at Penn College while concurrently enrolled. Once this threshold is reached, the student must temporarily withdraw from the bachelor’s degree major until the associate’s degree is completed. At which time, the student may re-enroll at Penn College to complete the remaining bachelor’s degree coursework.  

Once the student successfully completes the associate-degree (verified by submitting an official transcript), the student can continue the bachelor’s degree on a part-time or full-time basis, whichever best serves their work/life needs.


School of Nursing & Health Sciences

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