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With a competency credential in in Innovation Leadership, you’ll harness a proven system for idea generation. The need for innovation transcends industry and has the power to infuse new energy into old ways of doing things. This competency credential offers the core courses in the innovation leadership sequence and provides the theory, concepts, and hands-on activities that foster and develop the skills and abilities that support the creative process. And the best part - the work to achieve your Black Belt is embedded within the final course. 

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Only College in PA to Offer Innovation Engineering Black Belt Credential


Innovation Engineering Black Belt Holders Run 24X More Projects


Become a changer leader in your industry with skills to:

  • Lead product/process development teams
  • Prototype models quickly and inexpensively
  • Apply the patent process to new ideas
  • Communicate about the innovation process and results

At Penn College, we believe your educational experience should go beyond specialized skills. Real-world ready means taking a broader approach that builds communication skills, inspires collaboration, and encourages exploration of arts, history, and science.

​​Specialization requires in-depth knowledge and high-level proficiency. Students learn and apply major-specific concepts, skills, and methods.

  • Principles of Innovation (INV201)
  • Advanced Innovation I (INV350)
  • Advanced Innovation II (INV450)

​Perspectives are points of view, offering a variety of ways of understanding, interacting, and influencing the world. Students identify, explain, and utilize the approaches used by academics and professionals to study, analyze, or understand problems, and offer solutions.

    ​​Foundations are the practical, intellectual, and social skills: communication, collaboration, critical and ethical thinking, quantitative thinking, and technological literacy that are crucial to every student at every stage of education and at every stage of life.

      Woodlands Bank Innovation Lab

      Woodlands Bank Innovation Lab

      Collaborate with classmates across all majors in our technology centric innovation lab where creative ideas run free.

      Student Experience

      “Innovation is a new way of thinking. It really took me out of my original thinking box. It threw the box away and made me think in completely different way.”

      Stevie Petrison

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      Penn College Business Club

      Penn College Business Club

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      Student Organizations at Penn College

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      Penn College News

      Penn College business faculty member joins innovation summit

      Pennsylvania College of Technology faculty member Chip D. Baumgardner recently attended an Innovation Engineering Summit at Eureka! Ranch, an innovation think tank and training company. Baumgardner, an associate professor of business administration/management, was among 30 guests invited to the summit.


      Graduating business student earns American FFA degree

      When Blaine L. Walizer crossed the stage at Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Dec. 16 commencement ceremony, it marked the second degree he earned in a matter of weeks. From Penn College, the Beech Creek resident completed an associate degree in business management. In early November, he accepted the American FFA Degree at the Future Farmers of America National Convention.


      Students pitch business plans in scholarship quest

      On Wednesday, Penn College hosted Step 2 of the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy’s “Dream Learn Pitch” competition for K-12 students. “The goal today is we’re helping all the students develop their business plan,” said Eric Attinger, chief communications officer for Penn CFL.

      More Information

      • A competency credential must be completed within three years of enrollment in the credential.
      • Non-traditional credit such as credit-by-exam, work/life experience, and transfer credit are not available for this credential.
      • Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in each course to merit the credential.
      • In order to receive the Black Belt certification, the student must successfully complete all module assignments in the three courses.

      Alternative Credit refers to academic credits earned through means other than traditional college course completion, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

      Visit the Alternative Credit Options page in our Course Catalog for general requirements and procedures and for information on credit through Advanced Placement.

      • Career Fair Connections

        Career Fair Connections

        Penn College graduates are in high demand. Employer participation at the Career Fair is proof. Attracting 400+ organizations, this popular event is hosted twice per year and introduces students to all types of businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

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