Comfort Food

President's Message. Photo by [photographer]

Anecdotal evidence, referrals from vigilant faculty and results of a student questionnaire prompt Dining Services to establish a free-food pantry for students who might otherwise go hungry.

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A Job to Do

How I Work. Photo by [photographer]

Being in a war is like hell on earth, says World War II airman Raymond Eck, ’41, but he had a job to do and crewmates who depended on him. At 93, his bond with fellow airmen remains strong.

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Moral Code: Give back to what you love

Nursing Education Center Dedicated. Photo by [photographer]

Author Rick Bass, an activist who spoke during the college’s Technology & Society Colloquia Series, encourages young people to stand up for the environment and communities they cherish.

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2016’s Deadliest Earthquake

2016’s Deadliest Earthquake

Nursing in a New Culture

Nursing in a New Culture

The college’s first short-term study-abroad program for nursing students takes them to a clinic in a small Guatemalan town.

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Feeding Healthy Lifestyles

Feeding Healthy Lifestyles

Juliette Yeager, ’10, is the nutritionist at a Biggest Loser Resort. There, she provides knowledge, encouragement and a healthy menu while she coaches clients to steady health gains.

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Printed issue

Cover photo by Cindy Davis Meixel.

On the cover: A group of “Links,” students who staff the college’s Connections orientation sessions, stage a fun photo with a favorite new campus landmark: vertical planters that were added by the college’s horticulturalists near the Field House’s outdoor basketball court in 2015. Cover photo by Cindy Davis Meixel.
Penn College Magazine, Spring 2017

Back cover photo by Larry D. Kauffman

Jalil K. Aldridge, a student in the building science and sustainable design major, finalizes a design in one of the college’s architectural design studios. Back cover photo by Larry D. Kauffman

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