Academic Advising

Curious about which classes to take? Considering a dual degree? Your academic advisor is here to lead the way.

Academic Advising
Guaranteed Momentum

A guide for long-term success

From day one, your advisor will be your go-to resource for all things academic-related. And you'll enjoy peace of mind in knowing you have an ally who has your best interest in mind.

Start Smart

Before your first semester, you’ll be assigned an academic advisor in your area of study.

Communicate Early

You'll have the option to meet your advisor at your Program Welcome during the second week of classes.


Meet Regularly

Make the most of your advisor's expertise with check-ins throughout the semester. You'll also connect to schedule classes.

Academic Support

You get out what you put in

Like any relationship, the best student-advisor collaborations stem from regular communication. Get to know your advisor. The more they learn about you and your ambitions, the better they can guide you.

As an advisee, you will:

  • Communicate regularly with your advisor
  • Attend meetings prepared and ready to ask questions
  • Share educational goals and interests
  • Be familiar with academic program requirements
  • Follow through on recommendations made by academic advisor
  • Speak up when you have questions or feel uncertain about your academic plans
  • Connect with your advisor if you are having difficulties in class
  • Be aware of campus policies and procedures
  • Be mindful of campus timelines and events 

Your advisor will:

  • Communicate regularly with you 
  • Collaborate with your LEAP advisor to assist with the transition to Penn College
  • Encourage personal, intellectual, and professional development
  • Support your short- and long-term goals
  • Explain academic program requirements and course sequence
  • Help you consider the outcomes of academic choices
  • Assist you in developing an academic plan
  • Promote the full use of campus offerings
  • Apply college policies and procedures in relation to academic requirements
  • Offer early intervention academic assistance if needed 
  • Make referrals to campus resources as needed 
Dedicated Support

Always by your side

Lockstep support for first-year success

Lockstep support for first-year success

All new students get exclusive access to the LEAP Center. Here, you'll find loads of resources like workshops and a team of dedicated LEAP advisors to help you ace the first year of college. Your assigned LEAP advisor will work in tandem with your academic advisor to pave your path forward. 

Explore the LEAP Center

Academic Advising

Going the extra mile

Students rely on their academic advisors pretty often. In recognition of the essential role advisors play in the academic journey, we honor a favorite each year with the Excellence in Academic Advising Award.

Meet one of the latest award winners