Penn College Dual Enrollment

Thanks to Penn College Dual Enrollment, qualified high school students can dive into college-level classes, earn credits, and embark on the path to a thriving career.

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Penn College Dual Enrollment
Penn College Dual Enrollment

Your path to tomorrow

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Penn College Dual Enrollment is where it all starts.

Penn College Dual Enrollment allows you to explore a future career option while earning free college credits that can be applied towards one or more majors at Penn College.

The journey continues at Penn College.

Home to hands-on learning and a community of problem solvers and critical thinkers, Penn College offers 100+ diverse majors—from healthcare and IT to welding and plastics.

The possibilities never end.

Our 97.7% graduate placement rate for 2022–23 is proof. Tomorrow needs more Penn College graduates. When you’re real-world ready, a future of opportunity awaits.

Why Penn College Dual Enrollment?

Save money

Tuition for Penn College Dual Enrollment is free. The more courses students take (at no per-credit cost), the less money they'll spend once it's time to earn a degree after high school.

Save time

Students who have already taken college coursework spend less time earning a degree.

Build confidence

No matter what you plan to do after graduation, if you have already shown success in college courses, you will be more competitive in the job market and the college admissions process. Plus, excelling in challenging coursework builds confidence.

Prep for college

Through Penn College Dual Enrollment, students have the chance to visit our campus, see our facilities, and meet our college faculty.

Making an impact

Penn College Dual Enrollment works with nearly 70 partners across Pennsylvania—allowing over 2,000 students to earn over 7,000 Penn College credits.

Set up for success

According to the United States Department of Education, secondary students who have completed at least one college course are more likely to:

Successfully complete high school

Enroll in a post-secondary institution

Persist through the second semester of college

Complete more post-secondary credits overall

Achieve a higher GPA

Finish their chosen degree on time

Partner Schools

The following schools and CTCs are Penn College partners. For more information about the offerings available, find your school below.

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Real-World Ready

"Penn College was the only school I visited and the only place I applied. I knew right away that I wanted a smaller college and would benefit from the hands-on experience. It was also important for me to have personal relationships with my professors. I knew the instructors at Penn College would know my name."


Morgan Lucas

Penn College Dual Enrollment Student & Current Penn College Nursing Student

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