Our Academic Approach

At Penn College, you’ll start living your career from day one. Whether it’s getting to work in the welding lab or learning your way around a commercial kitchen, the hands-on experience begins your first semester.
Our Academic Approach
Guaranteed Momentum
Real-Life Learning

Real-Life Learning

Sure, you’ll dig into textbooks and engage in lecture-based learning. But the real magic happens in the labs. After testing and measuring, seeing and believing, it’s amazing how quickly complex concepts come into focus.

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Facts & Figures

The numbers are on your side


Lab-to-Lecture Ratio

The numbers are on your side


Hands-On Labs

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2022–23 Graduate Placement Rate

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Real-World Ready

A Standout Skillset

Just because you’re getting fully immersed in your field, that doesn’t mean we’re skimping on big-picture essentials. Wildcats are known problem solvers. Highly talented, imaginative, hardworking critical thinkers are not easy to find. Ask employers. Bring the technical know-how and an eye for innovation and you’ll be first in line for your choice of job opportunities.



Learn how to approach a problem from every angle and offer thoughtful solutions.

Imaginative Thinking

Enjoy asking questions to arrive at the best possible outcome. 


Lay the foundation to become a successful communicator. 

Corporate Partnerships
Industry Insight

Industry Insight

Everything from the courses you take to the labs where you’ll explore your next big idea were designed around industry input. Thanks to valuable partnerships with experts in the field, you’ll learn the precise skills, techniques, and details that employers need most. That’s great for them and even better for you.

Student Experience

Learning beyond the classroom

Wildcats love spreading their wings and flexing their talents outside of the traditional classroom and lab settings. At Penn College, you'll have lots of opportunities to get even more real-world experience through clinicals, internships, community projects, clubs, and competitions. 

Experienced Faculty

To be the best, you need to learn from the best.

Here, you’ll train with experts in your field. Dream of becoming a master brewer? You’ll perfect your craft with the help of one. A licensed paramedic? You’ll learn from a professional with 15+ years of experience. There’s no substitute for the insight that comes from real-world know-how.

The Curriculum

A Well-Rounded Approach

Whether you're studying nursing or IT, each curriculum is carefully crafted with a combination of specialization, foundations, and perspectives courses.


Gain an in-depth understanding and high-level of proficiency. These are usually courses directly related to your area of study.

Example Courses:

  • Introduction to Professional Nursing 
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Principles of Management 


Set the stage for success with practical, intellectual, and social skills. These courses are critical to overall success.

Example Courses:

  • English Composition 
  • Technical Algebra & Trigonometry I 
  • Technical & Professional Communication


Broaden your point of view and explore creative problem-solving strategies. These are courses designed to increase your understanding of related areas.

Example Courses:

  • Environmental Science
  • General Psychology
  • World History
Innovation & STEM
Purpose-Driven & Future-Proof

Purpose-Driven & Future-Proof

At Penn College, each program is expertly created and purposeful. STEM concepts are ingrained in the way we imagine courses, design labs, and build curriculums. STEM is the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates nearly 80,000 new STEM jobs by 2029 and lists the median annual wage for STEM careers as $86,980 compared to $38,160 for all other jobs. 

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Support for Success

The wide safety net of support you'll enjoy at Penn College is designed to help you thrive academically and personally.

Admissions Support

Prospective students are paired with admissions representatives who will guide you through the process.

Michael J. Hudock, Sr. Center for Academic Excellence

Students get one-on-one advice, motivation, and support from trained staff in our Hudock Center for Academic Excellence.

Academic Advisor

Lean on the expertise of an academic advisor to ensure you keep pace with the expectations of your major.

Center for Career Design

Wildcats have lifetime access to a full-service career hub with everything from resume and interview prep to the alumni mentorship program.

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