Dr. Tosh Shahrtash

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

  • hxs24@pct.edu
  • 570.320.2400 ext. 7768
  • ACC, Rm.102
Dr. Tosh Shahrtash

I’m an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Penn College. Previously, I was a faculty member in the Math Department at Cabrini University. I received my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Florida in 2019. Teaching math is my passion, and I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of classes, ranging from developmental classes to upper-level math courses. I am privileged to be a part of an institution where critical thinking, problem solving, and hands on learning are valued.

My mathematical research interests lie in the general area of algebra. More specifically, the primary focus of my research revolves around finite group theory. In my current research, I study conjugacy classes, real conjugacy classes, and rational classes in finite groups. Some other interests of mine are English Literature, pedagogy, and exploring local coffee shops.