Public Relations & Marketing is responsible for public relations and information, news media contacts, and marketing for Pennsylvania College of Technology, its programs, services, and activities. Staff members develop and/or approve the content of all informational and promotional materials and advertising distributed off campus, including via the website.

News Media

Contact the Associate Vice President for Public Relations & Marketing for:

  • News media requests for College-related information
  • College faculty and staff to address specific topics of interest

Reporters and editors: refer to our Press Room for additional information.

Advertising Representatives

Email with advertising-related questions and solicitations.

Brand Identity & Visual Guidelines

Refer to our Brand Identity & Visual Guidelines to learn about brand standards and and proper use of brand elements.

Official Logos

Contact the Director of Public Relations & Marketing to request approval to use the official College logos.

Photo/Video Images

The use and publication of Penn College images — including still images and video — is limited to approved educational and promotional requests. The sharing of images for other purposes is considered personal and is restricted to the Penn College student, alumnus, employee, or business and community partner shown in the photograph.

Photo and video images are the property of Penn College and may not be modified, sold, or be published without the permission of Public Relations & Marketing. A credit to Pennsylvania College of Technology may be required in approved circumstances. Email for questions or to request approval to use College-owned photo and video images.

Penn College News

Delivered online each weekday morning and updated throughout the day, Penn College News contains the most recent college news and information

Penn College Magazine

Learn about the educational development, goals and achievements of Penn College students, alumni, faculty and staff in Penn College Magazine. The print version of the magazine is delivered in fall, winter (Annual Report) and spring. Visit Penn College Magazine online for Web Extras and Web Exclusives.

Working Class

The Working Class documentary series connects teachers, parents, and students to resources that relate technology, career awareness, and practical hands-on activities to math, science, reading, and writing education. The series is produced by Penn College in conjunction with WVIA Public Media, and airs on public television. Complete episodes, along with free educator resources, can be accessed online through the website.