Transferring tips for smooth sailing

Published 10.14.2021

Maddie Metzger

by Maddie Metzger


We know there are a million reasons why you might decide to transfer colleges; maybe the program isn’t what you imagined, the drive home is farther than you remembered it or your financial situation has changed.

Finding a place that is right for you is beyond important – here are five tips to make transferring a breeze!

Work with your Admissions Counselor to make sure you don’t miss anything

Did you know we have Admissions Counselors specific to transfer students?! That’s right, they are here to help you with the ins and outs of your transfer journey. Although we are sure you have heard from them already (pro tip: make us a contact in your email so we don’t get sent to your promotional folder), you can always check our staff page to find out who can help.


If you are leaving your current school, we want to make sure you LOVE what you see at Penn College. The best way to know if we are a fit is to make the trip. Anything from an open house to a personal tour will help you determine if we are your match. You’ll have the opportunity to see the spaces you’ll be working in every day and talk to our faculty members to hear about their real-world experiences. Want to know about the many resources on campus? We will make sure you get to speak with anyone that will help your transition go smoothly.

Determine how your credits are going to transfer

This application process doesn’t just include your high school transcript; this time, you will have college credits to transfer in as well. To request your transcript, you will work with your previous institution’s Registrar’s Office to have it sent directly to us! In the meantime, you can utilize our transfer course equivalency tool to see if we have already evaluated your classes and how they might transfer in. Don’t panic if your class isn’t listed; we still need to perform the evaluation.

Review curriculum/special admissions criteria

Starting a new program has its pros and cons. Maybe not all of your classes transfer in or maybe it’s a slightly different math requirement. Either way, we want to make sure you understand everything before attending your first class. Once accepted, you will be able to see your official transfer evaluation on the Student Information System (SIS). This will show you how many classes transferred in and specifically how many fit into the curriculum of your new program. If you are entering a program in the School of Nursing & Health Sciences that has special admissions criteria or a selection process, we are happy to explain what is required and where you stand. After all, we want to do our best to keep you on track to your degree!

Understand financial aid

Financial surprises are not the way you want to start your new journey. Make sure you fill out the three financial aid pieces (FAA, FAFSA and the Scholarship Application). The Scholarship App will enter you to win over 300 scholarships AND some of them are transfer-specific. As always, if you have questions, our Financial Aid Office is here to help. You can connect directly at