We ensure our graduates are real-world ready.

By constantly updating our equipment and facilities, we stay abreast of the latest developments in applied technology. Our industry and business partnerships help students hone the exact skills needed in their fields.

Tomorrow is in the Making: Legacy Campaign for Penn College

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"I’m so grateful for my time at Penn College, which has equipped me for the future in ways that I could not have expected, both inside and outside the classroom. By investing in this space, you have invested in the welders who will occupy it. And by investing in those young welders, you are investing in the future. Thank you. I look forward to the future as I transition into an alumnus working for Voith Hydro in York, PA."

Nathaniel Lyon '20

Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology

Partnership Opportunities

Campus Visit

Companies often begin a relationship with Penn College through a campus visit. Contact Corporate Relations to learn about our majors that will fill your workforce needs and to schedule a visit to see these labs, talk with faculty and deans, and learn more about how to maximize the company presence on campus.

Student Employees & Interns

Recruit our students for full-time, part-time, or for summer internships. Summer internships help students and companies build relationships for full-time employment, and give students practical experience in their field of study. Additionally, students bring real-world experience back to classes and may share with fellow classmates.

Equipment & Facilities

Donations of equipment and machinery are invaluable to students’ success and performance, both on campus and in the ever-changing job market. Consider an equipment donation, and enable our students to become formidable workforce assets, maybe even as part of your own company.

Advisory Committees

Industry representation is imperative to successful Program Advisory Committees. Advisory committees serve as a platform for academic and industry collaboration to ensure curriculum reflects emerging technical and workforce needs.

Guest Lectures & Field Trips

Companies that host field trips and serve as classroom guest lecturers help students’ familiarity with the company, gain real-world insight, and better understand their industry. Such activities also increase the corporate presence on campus, potentially enhancing recruitment of students and graduates.

Student Recruitment Help

Industry partners increase the potential workforce pipeline by sharing the message of Penn College's comprehensive, hands-on technical education with prospective students and families. Many representatives attend college and job fairs at local high schools and career & technology centers.

Corporate Tomorrow Makers Program

As a Corporate Tomorrow Maker, your organization has the unique ability to make a lasting impact. By engaging across the spectrum of partnership possibilities, your company has an opportunity to inspire the next generation of leaders, fuel your industry, and build stronger brand recognition among your future workforce.

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The Impact of Support

Shell Polymers Rotational Molding Center of Excellence

Shell Polymers Rotational Molding Center of Excellence

Shell’s investment allows every student that comes through the Plastics program to fulfill the claim of the College that students are 'ready for the real world' more than ever before.

UPMC Field

UPMC Field

We are most grateful for UPMC’s continued investment in our students—on the field and off—an investment that truly transforms tomorrow.

Welding Expansion

Welding Expansion

Thanks to you, students now have access to an expanded and enhanced welding lab, believed to be the largest in higher education nationwide.

Larry A. Ward Machining Technologies Center

Larry A. Ward Machining Technologies Center

Students majoring in manufacturing-related degrees are benefitting from a transformational gift to the college.