The jump start you'll get on your career as a Penn College grad will likely be one of the best investments you'll ever make. To get there, you'll need to plan for your educational expenses. Use this tool to estimate your cost of attendance for your first academic year.*

Academic expenses

Each program has unique expenses other than tuition: books, tools, etc.

Academic expenses are calculated at different rates dependent on your residency status.

OK, here are the first-year academic costs of your education...

Tuition & Fees




Tools & Uniforms


Total Before Aid


See an itemized list of your expenses, including summer semester if applicable.

Tools, except for those that require replacement, are one-time purchases. The cost of Books/Tools & Uniforms reflects the price of new textbooks/complete toolkits and new uniforms purchased from The College Store .
(Used textbooks may also be available)

The cost of Tools & Uniforms reflects the price of complete toolkits and new uniforms purchased from The College Store .

Living expenses

Learn more about your options.

Estimated Cost Summary




Total First year EXPENSES Before Aid


Penn College bills one semester at a time.
* Based on latest available tuition/fees, housing, dining, and course materials data, subject to change.

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