Final Thoughts

Published 12.01.2017


by Sapphire


When finals are impending, what do you do? Get study tips from the experts.

Isn’t it crazy to think that Penn College has nearly 5,500 students enrolled in 100+ diverse majors? Each of us comes from different backgrounds, participates in different sports and activities, and has hundreds of different hobbies, but we all have one thing in common … FINALS.

For most of us, finals week is the most dreaded and overwhelming part of the semester.  Studying for multiple classes can be stressful and difficult to manage – but it certainly doesn’t have to be! I think that the hardest part about studying is just deciding the best way to study. Should I highlight my notes? Should I make hundreds of flash cards? Maybe find a quiet place to look over my notes?

I asked students, faculty and staff all over campus to share the best study tips to prepare for finals. I was able to get some fresh ideas for studying, and it has taken so much stress off me.

  1. Never stop studying.
  2. Get unplugged. Turn off your electronics. Use old-school pen and paper
  3. Get some sleep!
  4. Don’t procrastinate. Get a head start.
  5. Make sure to pay attention in class.
  6. Flash cards!
  7. Highlight and color-coordinate your notes.
  8. Go to the Tutoring Center before you need help.
  9. Lock yourself in the library and cram.
  10. Start studying a week early so, the night before the exam, you can relax and sleep.
  11. Use the library. It is quiet and has all the resources you need.
  12. Highlight your notes.
  13. Read and highlight the text. Take notes when reading and in class.
  14. Look for opportunities to explain what you have learned to others.
  15. It doesn’t hurt to have a little caffeine.