Joining forces to transform tomorrow

Published 10.31.2020


by West

West is a leading global manufacturer in the design and production of technologically advanced, high-quality, integrated containment and delivery systems for injectable medicines


West Pharmaceutical Services harness a powerful combination of innovation, technology, infrastructure, and expertise to serve the pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer industries.


Throughout its decades-long relationship with Penn College, West has hired the College’s highly skilled and well-prepared graduates for a variety of positions at its manufacturing sites, including various management roles.

What innovative qualities do you see in Penn College students and how do Penn College students differ from other students you recruit?

West continues to benefit immensely from hiring Penn College graduates; specifically, our Company has consistently experienced very well-rounded, highly skilled, and well-prepared individuals with excellent interpersonal traits – qualities that truly differentiate Penn College graduates.

How are Penn College graduates impacting your industry?

Penn College graduates that West has hired over the years continue to make a significant impact within our manufacturing sites by bringing the necessary elevated skill sets required in an ever-changing technology-based environment. Penn College graduates have also assumed varying levels of management roles within our organization.

What do you value most about our corporate partnership to empower tomorrow’s workforce?

West values the continued partnership with Penn College, as it serves to maintain a very strong and necessary connection between the academic world and the ever-changing business world needs.

As a scholarship donor, how have you seen scholarship funding transform tomorrow?

West has a long-standing history of investing within the geographical areas where our manufacturing sites are located. This commitment has served West very well, as these efforts are an important investment in our team members, their families, and in the communities where our team members live and work.

If someone was hearing of Penn College for the first time, what would you tell them? 

Penn College is an excellent “go-to” source for any company/business that is looking to hire well-educated, well-prepared, innovative, technically strong and forward-thinking individuals.

When you hear the words Transforming Tomorrow, Together – what do you envision? 

The words “Transforming Tomorrow, Together” truly embody a solid and continuing relationship that exists between individuals and/or businesses who have shared visions to ensure a healthy and transformative future.