Automotive Technology: Ford ASSET

Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)
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About this program

Specialize in Ford cars and trucks, one of the most common brand names on American roads. Study what makes them unique. Learn how their particular systems and components function. Thanks to a partnership with Ford Motor Company and local Ford and Lincoln dealers, students work on late-model vehicles and complete the same advanced training required by full-time Ford technicians. The program alternates between eight weeks of classes and eight weeks of internships. The best part is—you’ll earn while you learn with five paid internships! 


Earn the Same Certifications Required by Full-Time Ford Technicians


Student-to-Project Ratio


Paid Internships


  • Service technician
  • Service equipment representative
  • Rebuilding shop assembler
  • Repair shop operator
  • Parts & inventory control

At Penn College, we believe your educational experience should go beyond specialized skills. Real-world ready means taking a broader approach that builds communication skills, inspires collaboration, and encourages exploration of arts, history, and science.

​​Specialization requires in-depth knowledge and high-level proficiency. Students learn and apply major-specific concepts, skills, and methods.

  • Ford Auto Fundamentals (FMC110)
  • Ford Electrical Systems (FMC120)
  • Ford Dealership Internship I (FMC160)
  • Ford Electronic Systems (FMC130)
  • Ford Chassis Systems (FMC140)
  • Ford Dealership Internship II (FMC161)
  • Ford Climate Control (FMC145)
  • Ford Dealership Internship III (FMC162)
  • Ford Engine Diagnosis and Repair (FMC210)
  • Ford Engine Performance (FMC220)
  • Ford Dealership Internship IV (FMC163)
  • Ford Dealership Internship V (FMC164)
  • Ford Manual Power Train and 4-Wheel Drive (FMC230)
  • Ford Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles (FMC240)

​Perspectives are points of view, offering a variety of ways of understanding, interacting, and influencing the world. Students identify, explain, and utilize the approaches used by academics and professionals to study, analyze, or understand problems, and offer solutions.

  • Core Arts Perspective (ARP) or
  • Core Applied Arts Perspective (AAP) or
  • Core Historical Perspective (HIP) or
  • Core Global and Cultural Diversity Perspective (CDP) or
  • Core Social Science Perspective (SSP)

​​Foundations are the practical, intellectual, and social skills: communication, collaboration, critical and ethical thinking, quantitative thinking, and technological literacy that are crucial to every student at every stage of education and at every stage of life.

  • First Year Experience (FYE101)
  • English Composition I (ENL111)
  • Technical Algebra and Trigonometry I (MTH124)
  • Technical and Professional Communication (ENL201)
  • Physics Survey (PHS103)
  • Information, Technology, and Society (CSC124)

Modern Fully-Equipped Labs

Test your technical know-how in our expansive two-acre under-roof facility where you’ll have access to late-model Ford vehicles.

Student Experience

"It’s a good feeling … knowing after the two years that you already have a job lined up."

Brandon Kramer

Automotive Technology: Ford ASSET


Your knowledge in practice

Internships are key for career preparation. Apply your knowledge to the workplace and learn about the industry first-hand with paid internships.

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Industry Partners

Work with experts to become an expert

Penn College's strong partnerships impact every step of your journey – from your first day in the classroom and labs, to career placement (oftentimes before graduation) and beyond.

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More Information

Accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

A student will need a dealer sponsorship prior to the first Ford Dealership internship course.

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Alternative Credit refers to academic credits earned through means other than traditional college course completion, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

Visit the Alternative Credit Options page for requirements and procedures and for information on credit through Advanced Placement.

  1. Find at least one sponsor
  2. Prepare a résumé for the sponsor(s) – we offer a Micosoft Word or Adobe PDF résumé template
  3. Prepare a portfolio that contains your résumé, Dealer Sponsor form, Student and Dealer Information pack
  4. Submit the portfolio to all dealers in your area in person; do not just call
    • Be clean, neat, and confident
    • Bring a pen with you
    • Be prepared to share your interests and career goals
    • Show enthusiasm
  5. The sponsor will contact you with their decision

About sponsorship

The ASSET program is a cooperative education program. The classroom training sessions are designed to be followed by hands-on training at a dealership to reinforce the concepts and practices taught in class. This is a different approach than that used by many vocational programs. The co-op sessions comprise slightly more than 50% of the ASSET training.

Also, the student who chooses the ASSET program is assumed to have made a career decision prior to beginning the program. The training provided during the co-op session is a crucial component for the success of the student in the dealership after completing the program.

You are urged to contact a dealer near your home prior to beginning the ASSET program and secure sponsorship. You may use the Ford Motor Company Dealer Finder page to locate a dealership near your home. Dealerships generally do not sponsor students who live more than 30 minutes away.

In some cases there are specific dealer requests for students. Only students from that area are referred to those dealers. If you have been unsuccessful in locating a sponsoring dealership, the faculty will assist you in locating one.

The dealership completes the ASSET Student Sponsor Form before the beginning of the first co-op session. This document covers the period of time you are registered in the program and is not an agreement to hire you after graduation. The obligations of the dealer are detailed in our agreement for Ford ASSET.

The list below includes the basic set of tools required.

You are not required to purchase the Snap-On set. It is listed as an example only. You may purchase any brand you want and are advised to shop around when considering an investment in tools. Also, this set is the basic starting set of tools; you should be aware that an investment in tools continues during your working career.

Uniforms and tools are available for purchase through The College Store.

  • Mr. Doug Dietrich, Service Manager, Haldeman Ford
  • Mr. Donald D Dresse, Jr., Service Director, Fairfield Auto Group
  • Ms. Patricia Kahler, Automotive Service Department Manager, Haldeman Ford Lincoln
  • Mr. Joshua Keister, Shop Manager, Lead Technician, Hoffman Ford Land
  • Mr. Jason Kline, Director of Parts and Services, Bob Ruth Ford
  • Mr. Jamie Kring, Service Manager, Tom Masano Auto Group
  • Mr. Brian Mahoney, Service Manager, Murray Motors Lock Haven
  • Mr. Rob Mathias, Service Director, Maguire's Ford of Hershey
  • Mr. Bradley Miller, '12, Field Service Engineer, Ford Motor Company
  • Mr. Jared Mills, Field Service Engineer, Ford Motor Company
  • Mr. James Mottershead, Service Manager, Chapman Ford LLC
  • Mr. Kerry Straub, Service Manager, Sunbury Motors
  • Mr. Scott VanValkenburgh, Service Manager, Pompey Automotive
  • Mr. Mark Winther, Service Training Instructor, Ford Motor Company
  • Mr. Norm Zoumas, District Aide, PA House of Representatives

Admissions Counselor

Lisa Golfieri

SASC, Rm. 1077
800.367.9222 ext. 7515