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Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)
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About the program

From buildings to bridges, concrete is everywhere. Concrete science experts are in demand. In this program, you’ll analyze the properties of concrete. Explore admixture techniques. And learn which type is best suited for the job at hand. The only one of its kind on the East Coast, this industry-driven major pulls together science, technology, and construction to deliver the specialized skillset that employers need most.

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Lab-to-Lecture Hours

Earn Industry-Valued Credentials


  • Batch plant production manager
  • Concrete quality control specialist
  • Aggregate production and supply manager
  • Admixture technician
  • Project manager

At Penn College, we believe your educational experience should go beyond specialized skills. Real-world ready means taking a broader approach that builds communication skills, inspires collaboration, and encourages exploration of arts, history, and science.

​​Specialization requires in-depth knowledge and high-level proficiency. Students learn and apply major-specific concepts, skills, and methods.

  • Construction Hand & Power Tools (BCT103)
  • Construction Safety & Equipment (BCT104)
  • Site Preparation & Layout (BCT110)
  • Concrete Construction (BCT238)
  • Introduction to Concrete Science Technology (CST100)
  • Concrete Tools & Materials (CST110)
  • Properties & Testing of Concrete (CST120)
  • Concrete Codes & Standards (CST140)
  • Concrete Materials & Repair Products (CST160)
  • Masonry Principles (BCT234)
  • Concrete Industry Internship (CST202)
  • Structural Concrete & Innovative Concrete Technologies (CST209)
  • Decorative Concrete (CST204)
  • Concrete Construction Estimating (CST210)
  • Managing Construction Safety (BCT307)
  • Principles of Management (MGT115)
  • Concrete Production Problems & Conflict Resolution (CST207)
  • Forming, Shoring & Reinforcing (CST208)

​Perspectives are points of view, offering a variety of ways of understanding, interacting, and influencing the world. Students identify, explain, and utilize the approaches used by academics and professionals to study, analyze, or understand problems, and offer solutions.

  • Core Global & Cultural Diversity Perspective (CDP) or
  • Core Social Science Perspective (SSP) or
  • Core Arts Perspective (ARP) or
  • Core Applied Arts Perspective (AAP) or
  • Core Historical Perspective (HIP)
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry (CHM100) or
  • Physics Survey (PHS103) or
  • Physics with Technological Applications (PHS114)

​​Foundations are the practical, intellectual, and social skills: communication, collaboration, critical and ethical thinking, quantitative thinking, and technological literacy that are crucial to every student at every stage of education and at every stage of life.

  • English Composition I (ENL111)
  • Technical Algebra & Trigonometry I (MTH123) or
  • College Algebra & Trigonometry I (MTH181)
  • Information, Technology & Society (CSC124)
  • Technical & Professional Communication (ENL201) or
  • English Composition II (ENL121)
Featured Videos

Concrete Science

The only one of its kind on the U.S. East Coast, this hands-on program dives into science and math. Explores diverse admixtures and their applications. Invites creativity with decorative designs. And prepares graduates with the specialized skillset not just to thrive in the industry, but to lead it.

Wildcat Spotlight - Madison Kistler

For Madison, being on the women’s soccer team is like having a second family. The camaraderie and chemistry she shares with her fellow Wildcats is nothing short of special. In this video, you’ll get to know Madison, learn about her three majors, and find out why she loves being a Wildcat.

Building Construction Virtual Tour

If you're looking to take the lead in residential or commercial construction, this is the pathway for you. From installing millwork and drywall to roofing and exterior finishing, you'll learn what it takes to do the work and lead the crew. In this video, you'll explore the program, get a glimpse of the lab spaces, and meet faculty with real-world experience.

Advanced Learning Labs

Advanced Learning Labs

Get hands-on experience in specialized labs using industry-standard equipment just like you’ll see in the real world.

While you're here, you'll have an opportunity to earn certifications in:

  • ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1
  • ACI Concrete Finishing Technician
  • ICF Installation Certificate-Nudura Corp.
  • Pervious Concrete Installation Certificate
  • I.C.R.I. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Repair Certificate
  • Silica Competent Person Training
  • Osha 30-Hour Card

Lab Tour

Meet Professor Kruppenbacher and take a walk through the Building Technologies Center at Penn College. Check out the expansive lab spaces where you'll learn how to do everything from framing, roofing, hanging drywall, and installing flooring. You'll also learn more about the concrete science technology major and see the concrete labs.

Student Experience

“My background knowledge in concrete allows me to have a different view on one of the most-used materials in the world. It challenges me to make concrete a more sustainable product by implementing different sustainable practices.” 

Joseph DiBucci

Concrete Science Technology

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Oct 5

Undergraduate Open House

Saturday, October 59 AM - 3 PM


Nov 3

Undergraduate Open House

Sunday, November 39 AM - 3 PM


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The Dr. Welch Workshop

The makerspace is an open workshop for all students. Take hands-on learning to the next level. Explore your creativity. Bring your ideas to light. Collaborate with other students, faculty and staff, or work independently to test theories, explore ideas, and gain real-world skills to power your career. 

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Your knowledge in practice

Internships are key for career preparation. Apply your knowledge to the workplace and learn about the industry first-hand.

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Student Life

Lead and put your skills to the test

ConCreate Design Club

ConCreate Design Club

The ConCreate Design Club allows students to get hands on experience with concrete, testing equipment and all steps to a concrete pour.

Student Organizations at Penn College

Student Organizations at Penn College

Your college experience is about more than the classroom. Join one of 65+ clubs and organizations, or create your own.

Penn College News

Groundbreaking celebrates workforce-boosting initiatives

Pennsylvania College of Technology held a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday for two projects funded, in part, by a $2 million U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration grant: construction of an 1,800-square-foot Clean Energy House and renovations at the Carl Building Technologies Center on main campus.


Concrete repair demos keep eye on industry needs

Representatives from Metzger McGuire, a leader in interior industrial concrete repair products, provided live concrete repair demonstrations to students in the Concrete Construction class. The company’s Pat Smith and Dan Kraff gave students hands-on practice using Metzger McGuire’s products to repair surface damage and damaged joints – and donated materials to the concrete science program.


Drone demo offers aerial insights, emerging technologies

Representatives of Keystone Precision Solutions spent a recent day on campus to share their expertise in emerging technologies in the architecture, surveying, construction and engineering industries. Although the team’s unmanned aerial vehicles were “grounded” due to rain, several classes visited the Bardo Gym to experience equipment, including a robotic total station, laser scanner and unmanned aircraft systems.

Student Experience

The community as their classroom

Concrete Construction Students Improve Campus

Concrete Construction Students Improve Campus

Concrete Construction students sharpened their classroom skills in a real-world setting by recently completing new and improved sidewalks along the Bush Campus Center.

Gain global experience
Study Abroad

Gain global experience

See the world via Williamsport. Take your education abroad and get hands-on experience learning about your industry on a global scale.

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Alternative Credit refers to academic credits earned through means other than traditional college course completion, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

Visit the Alternative Credit Options page for requirements and procedures and for information on credit through Advanced Placement.

Students are required to purchase their own personal tools as they progress through the program. Not all tools are required initially, and students should talk to their instructors on the first day of classes to find out which ones are required. Students who qualify for financial aid may purchase their tools through the College Store.

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  • Ms. Susan K Armstrong, Quality Control Manager/Treasurer, Central Builders Supply Company
  • Mr. Wade Armstrong, Quality Control Director, Delaware Valley Concrete Company Inc
  • Mr. Doug Cassatt, Sales Rep., Lehigh Cement
  • Mr. Kenneth E Crank, Director of Concrete Promotion, Pennsylvania Aggregates & Concrete Assoc.
  • Mr. Claude Goguen, Director of Outreach and Technical Education, National Precast Concrete Association
  • Mr. Jason Hodlofski, Sales Manager, Hoover Hardware Do It Center
  • Mr. Philip Kresge, Sr. VP, Local Paving, National Ready Mixed Concrete Assn.
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    Career Fair Connections

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