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Many Penn College students benefit from external or private scholarship awards to help cover the cost of education, and we encourage all incoming and current students to apply for every external scholarship for which they meet the criteria. The list of scholarship fund sources below include many that have had Penn College student awardees.

Each scholarship is unique, with its own application form, procedures, requirements, and deadlines which are subject to change between award periods. Be sure to read the criteria for each scholarship carefully. If you are awarded a scholarship, note that each donor's notification and disbursement procedures may vary. These scholarship awards are not typically credited to your eBill until the Bursar's Office receives the funds from the donor.

Other sources to learn about external scholarships include guidance counselors, a trust officer at your local bank, libraries, places of worship, employers, and social/civic organizations to which you or your parents belong.

Penn College strongly cautions against using any service that charges a fee, either to complete a scholarship application or to complete a FAFSA.
If you need assistance or have questions about other types of financial aid, contact the Penn College Financial Aid team.

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Financial Aid

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