Mission Statement

Inspiring and preparing Tomorrow Makers—the next generation of industry leaders—with real-world experience and innovative spirit.

Vision Statement

To cultivate a diverse community of innovators and creators determined to shape a better tomorrow.

Penn College Values

These core values guide us to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision:

Strength Through Respect

We celebrate our differences, foster a culture of belonging, and recognize that mutual respect is the foundation of our learning community.

Real-World Education

Through a variety of learning experiences, students benefit from a purposeful, workforce-driven education that blends theoretical principles with hands-on applications.

Student-Centered Environment

Students are thoughtfully immersed in experiences that invite exploration of diverse subjects and perspectives, promote critical thinking, and ignite lifelong learning.

Business and Industry Partnerships

Coursework, experiences, and skill sets are intentionally designed to mutually benefit and maximize opportunities for students and their employers.

Strategic Goals 2022-26

Facilities & Site Master Plan

Land Acknowledgement

Diversity Statement