Penn College considers diversity to involve inherent and fluid attributes that include, but are not limited to, age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, socio-economic status, cultural or geographical background, and physical or cognitive abilities.

We aspire to embrace the diversity of our community through inclusiveness manifested in the active acknowledgement, exploration, and celebration of these attributes in a manner that aligns with our college value of a “community of respect.”

Our commitment to diversity stems from a desire to increase and deepen the richness of our community. We value the dynamic interactions among individuals and characteristics that make each of us unique and develop us, enrich us, and ennoble us while strengthening our larger community.

We uphold our commitment to the diversity of our campus community by:

  • Serving as active and intentional partners in the intellectual and personal growth of our students, inside and outside of the classroom. We do this by creating an environment that encourages, values, and presents opportunities for active engagement with diverse people, ideas, and worldviews through respectful, free and open exchange and analysis of ideas.
  • Equipping our faculty, staff, and student leaders with the skills, awareness, and understanding necessary to effectively engage and maximize the diversity present in our campus community in an effort to adequately prepare our students to enter a diverse workforce and world. We do this by providing workshops, trainings, programs, and open dialogues designed to broaden the knowledge and understanding of our community around topics encompassed within the frameworks of diversity and inclusion.
  • Ensuring that programs, services, and physical spaces on campus are welcoming and capable of serving all individuals. We do this by regularly assessing our campus climate and our effectiveness in accomplishing the goals within each unit across campus, serving individuals within our campus community, and identifying and responding to the needs of individuals and our larger campus community.