Strategic Goals & Initiatives

Growth through Access

  • Align institutional offerings to include stackable pathways such as badging and micro-credentials that can lead to degree completion. 
  • Explore new methods of instruction and delivery to include alternate schedules/formats with the goal of engaging individuals who are unable to participate in our current offerings. 
  • Develop a campus community committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion by all for all. 
  • Increase enrollment across a variety of populations through impactful marketing and engagement opportunities.
  • Pursue additional sources of financial support for students to increase access. 

Continuous Improvement through Innovation

  • Modernize and transform information systems to improve the user experience and leverage next generation technologies
  • Modernize business practices, policies, and procedures to improve operational efficiency. 
  • Cultivate relationships with new and existing industry partners, demonstrating the value of those relationships and the associated mutually beneficial outcomes.   
  • Pursue innovative funding and investment opportunities. 

Excellence through Distinction

  • Enhance College and academic programs through continued development of capital infrastructure and equipment in alignment with industry standards. 
  • Implement use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and simulation to enhance our capabilities.   
  • Improve the employee experience through innovative recruitment, development, and engagement initiatives.
  • Improve the student experience through engagement, wellness, and support services to increase retention and build affinity. 
  • Identify and build strategic relationships to row awareness of the College’s offerings with K-12 partners.

Strategic Plan Progress Updates 2019-21