Listed below are tuition and fees you may find on the student eBill. Basic tuition and fees are charged for each credit hour of instruction scheduled per semester. Other fees are charged as indicated. Please refer to our First Year Cost Estimator for an estimation of your total costs to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology for one year.

For Spring 2021, tuition and fees will be the same regardless of the mode of instruction that is used. Your tuition and fees are in exchange for learning, academic credit, and certain non-academic services that will be provided, whether they are offered in-person, in a hybrid environment, or entirely remotely.

Tuition and Fees (In-state, $587/credit hour; Out-of State, $839/credit hour) consist of:

Tuition (In-state, $504/credit hour; Out-of-State, $756/credit hour) – Supports the cost of instruction for the courses scheduled.
All students enrolled in an online degree program will receive the in-state tuition rate.

Capital Fee ($49/credit hour) – Provides a funding source for capital projects designed to maintain state-of-the-art academic facilities in addition to activities, fitness, and recreation facilities. The revenue from this fee is also used to support campus facilities maintenance and improvement.

Technology Fee ($17/credit hour) – Provides direct support to the technology infrastructure. The revenue generated by this fee is dedicated for the upgrading, expansion, and support of our technology resources.

Health & Wellness Fee ($6/credit hour) – Supports services that promote and enhance student well-being including College Health Services, Counseling Services, Disability Services, and other health, wellness, and safety initiatives. 

Activity Fee ($11/credit hour) – Provides support to students to improve their out-of-class and educational experience by allowing them to attend social, athletic, and cultural events on campus free of charge or for a nominal charge.

Related Course Fee

Instructional Lab Hours ($45/lab hour) – This fee is assessed in recognition of the additional costs associated with laboratory and/or clinical instruction. These additional costs include, but are not limited to, additional instructional and preparation time, lab activities, clinical experiences, lab equipment, and instructional supplies.

Additional Charges and Fees

New Student Enrollment Fee ($140) – One-time fee charged to new degree seeking students to cover the cost of matriculation into Pennsylvania College of Technology.

International Insurance (Variable) – Covers the cost of health insurance required for any international students who do not have their own or sponsors' insurance coverage.

Deferred Payment Fee ($30) – Covers the cost of registration through the College's deferred payment plan, allowing students to make their tuition payments in five installments through the first twelve weeks of the semester.

Late Fee ($50) – Fee assessed when a student's initial tuition payment is not received by the due date.

Delinquent Fee – One-time 5% fee assessed to any eBill balance still outstanding following the 12th week of the semester.

Housing – Covers the cost of on-campus housing to which students have been assigned and signed a contract. Housing costs are variable and are charged per semester. The costs of the various on-campus resident life facilities are listed on the On-Campus Housing Costs web page.

Meal Plan Account – Covers the cost of your college meal plan. Meal plans are charged per semester and are included on the student eBill through two different selection processes.

  1. All resident students MUST select a board plan as part of their housing contract. First-year resident students may select a 19- or 14-meal board plan. Returning resident students may select a 19-, 14-, or 10-meal board plan.
  2. All other students may add a meal plan to their eBill by using the Optional Service method listed below.

Optional Services

Optional services include meal plans and parking permits. By signing up for optional services in the Financial Information section of the Student Information System (SIS), the charges will be added to your student eBill. To secure these services for Spring 2021, you must make your selection and pay your eBill, including the optional charges, by the tuition due date of December 14.

Meal plans costs are variable depending on the option you choose and are listed on the Dining Services Meal Plan Information web page. Parking permits cost $55 per semester or $100 for the year.