Dreaming of entrepreneurship

Published 02.16.2024

Spring 2024, Volume 33, Number 1
Penn College Family

Samir K. Pringle

Samir K. Pringle dreams of owning a business. Until then, he’s determined to seize every opportunity to get involved across campus, develop his leadership style, and learn as much as he can from those around him. Samir is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a past Lenfest Scholar, a student ambassador, a resident assistant, a member of the Penn College Business Club, president of United Campus Ministry and an orientation leader. He was selected as the student speaker for the Fall 2023 commencement ceremony, where he received an associate degree in business management and the President’s Award for leadership and service to the college.

Describe Penn College to someone unfamiliar with it.

Penn College can be tough to adjust to, especially if you come from a big city like Philadelphia like me, but the welcoming community and support from students make that adjustment much easier.

Why business administration?

Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the idea of business. I grew up around people who were involved in business. My aunt took me to her office plenty of times and allowed me to see what she does as an accountant. My parents both run their own businesses. Seeing how they conduct business and manage everything and stay on top of the day-to-day operations was always cool to me. During my teenage years, I began teaching myself about business, finance and management to get a better understanding of business prior to coming to college. When I decided to come to Penn College, choosing the business administration program was obvious.

Favorite faculty.

My favorite professor is Dr. Tammy Rich (associate professor of business administration/ management/event management). She has been nothing but amazing. She is also my academic adviser. The amount of support I have received from her academically and personally really made me feel welcome. This has really helped me succeed not only in college, but in my personal life, as well.

Learning to lead.

Being a resident assistant has shaped my leadership style in multiple ways. Every resident that you have is different from the next, so there is no one right leadership style that works. Everyone needs different things, and some require more attention than others. So the way I lead is being personable and being strategic in how I interact with each of my residents.


My post-graduation plan is ultimately owning my own business. Until then, I want to find a job more focused on the management part of business. I want to learn as much as I can about that organization and how they do business, so I can be better educated and equipped with the skills and strategies needed when it’s time to run my own company.