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The Gallery at Penn College is seeking workshop instructors. Images show group workshop; 2 people working on a project; and work of fiber art.

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Past Workshops & Online Learning

Screen Printing: Melissa Haviland

Learn basic screen printing while adding printed elements to garments. Over this series of four videos, learn how to produce cut paper stencils, expose them to a screen, and print them using blend pulls and additional stenciling to make a unique garment.

Coating a Screen

Melissa Haviland demonstrates the process of applying wet emulsion to a screen. List of supplies included.

Making Positives for Screen Printing

Melissa Haviland describes the many ways to create a design for screen printing, including digital prints, stencils, and direct drawing.

Exposing a Screen

Melissa Haviland demonstrates how to expose your screen to add your design to your coated screen.

Printing Garments

Melissa Haviland sets up a t-shirt for screen printing then uses a blend of colors.

Journaling: Sarah Patterson

Second Nature

Second Nature grew out of my research into handwriting as memory. It was important to me to write by hand every day to keep me connected to the subject matter. Drawing became the form making. This video places Second Nature in the larger context of handwriting research and my archive of handwritten letters.

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