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The National Sustainable Structures Center (NSSC) at Pennsylvania College of Technology is a nationally-recognized U.S. DOE legacy Weatherization Training Center that provides technical expertise and competency-based training courses to home energy professionals, government officials, and industry partners in the building performance field, including the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Since 1985, NSSC has taught more than 17,000 individuals in building science standards and energy efficient retrofit techniques. NSSC also offers technical consultation and training assistance to other state WAPs, and serves as the primary technical resource to Pennsylvania’s WAP on a wide variety of subjects and special initiatives.

With an established curriculum, NSSC offers over 30 courses and workshops that include a combination of classroom learning and hands-on application that can be taught in our world-class training lab facility or in-field. NSSC’s residential training program includes stackable certifications for the four Home Energy Professional (HEP) job classifications: Energy Auditor, Retrofit Installer Technician, Crew Leader, and Quality Control Inspector.

NSSC is the first training center in Pennsylvania to receive IREC accreditation for all four HEP training programs, which are accredited under IREC Standard 01023:2013.

PA Weatherization Certification Training & Testing

View the list of courses and workshops associated with each weatherization certification below, as well as course descriptions and upcoming course dates.

The following table shows the courses designated as mandatory for each type of weatherization personnel.

PA Weatherization Technical Assistance

Technical Questions:

NSSC serves as the clearinghouse for receiving and coordinating responses to all PA WAP questions and requests for information of a technical nature, including technical questions regarding Quality Control Inspections (QCI) and the Standard Work Specifications (SWS).

Submit your technical questions/RFIs to NSSC’s Technical Team email:

Technical Q&A useful to others are posted on DCED’s Extranet website for all PA WAP subgrantees to access. Prior to submitting a technical question/RFI, please check the Technical Q&A document on the DCED Extranet to see if the current list provides an answer. Policy-related questions and LIHEAP Crisis issues should still be referred to DCED for a response.

Technical Assistance Field Visits:

NSSC is available to provide in-field technical assistance to your workers regarding QCI Implementation. The visits are not just aimed at helping the QC Inspectors – it is important that the Auditor and Crew have the opportunity to understand their role in the QC Inspection process.


The best times for a technical assistance visit:

  • On the last day that the crew is working on the house. Who should be there: the Crew Chief, Installers, and if possible the Auditor
  • When the Auditor is doing a quality check prior to a QC Inspection. Who should be there: the Auditor
  • When the QC Inspector is performing a QC inspection. Who should be there: the Auditor and QCI


Other Agency/Subcontractor personnel are welcome to participate in the technical assistance visit, if desired. Our hope is to encourage teamwork and communication through the whole process.

As soon as you have one of these opportunities available, please contact us directly to set up a technical assistance visit.


PA Weatherization Training Questions & Answers

I have a lot of experience in weatherization or the building and construction industry. Do I need to go through training?

If you have previously attended weatherization training at one of Pennsylvania’s approved weatherization training providers and have completed the necessary coursework for your desired certification, you can be automatically certified. If you have not completed both of these requirements, you must attend training.

How do I become certified?

To become a certified weatherization worker, you must complete the coursework for the certification you wish to achieve. Coursework must be taken at an approved PA WAP weatherization training provider.

To register for NSSC’s courses, see How do I register for a weatherization course? for more information.

How much does certification cost?

If you are a direct hire of a Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) agency employee or a subcontractor to a WAP agency, you are eligible for no-cost training and certification.

If you are not associated with the Weatherization Assistance Program, all of our courses are also available for a fee. Please visit our Home Energy Professional page or contact us for more information.

How do I register for a course?

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) agency employees or subcontractors: Please follow the Registration Steps at the link above. You must provide a working email address and your agency or company name. Course registrations via phone, email, or fax will not be accepted.

If you are a new WAP subcontractor that has not previously attended a weatherization class at an approved PA weatherization training provider, your registration will not be processed until NSSC receives authorization communication directly from your sponsoring WAP agency.

Private individuals and companies: If you are not associated with the Weatherization Assistance Program, all of our courses are also available for a fee. Please visit our Home Energy Professional page or contact us for more information.

How do I get a course certificate?

Weatherization and home energy professional courses have a written exam and field (hands-on) exam at the end of the course. All courses with tests require a passing grade (70% or above) in both the written and lab examinations in order to receive a course certificate.

Does my certification expire?

As of January 3, 2012, there is no expiration date for certifications. However, you may be required to take additional courses to maintain your certification. Refer to the current PA WAP State Plan for training requirements.

What are DOE Lead-Safe Weatherization Certification requirements?

All individuals, including specialized subcontractors, working on DOE-sponsored weatherization projects must take a lead-safe course that meets DOE lead-safe standards as outlined in Weatherization Program Notice 08-6, Weatherization Program Notice 09-6 , and Weatherization Program Notice 10-1.

All PA approved weatherization training providers offer the course WTC 193 DOE Lead-Safe Weatherization, which meets this requirement. Additionally, individuals who can show proof of completion of a course that meets the standards outlined in the Department of Energy's Weatherization Program Notice 08-6 will be considered as having DOE Lead Certification.

Please note that EPA Lead courses are different from the DOE Lead-Safe Weatherization course, and completion of an EPA Lead course does not satisfy the DOE Lead-Safe Weatherization requirement.

What are the OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Construction requirements?

All HVAC workers, Installers, and Auditors need to complete the OSHA 10 Construction course. All Crew Chiefs need to complete the OSHA 30 Construction course.