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Courses may be customized to meet your company's needs. Contact NSSC at for more information.

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These courses are available to schedule for your group or company. Each of these, or training in any topic, can always be customized to meet your needs.

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  • Browse the links to see course offerings.
  • Build your course list. Use "Add to My List" to select courses. Use "My Course List" to view and remove courses.
  • After adding all your courses, click "Register" to access an online form that will submit a registration for your entire course list.
  • You will receive an automatic email stating your registration has been submitted.
  • Your registration is complete when you receive a second email confirming your registration that also provides course details, directions, and hotel information.

If the class or exam is full when you register, you will be provided with the next scheduled offering. Do not attend a class or exam other than the one for which you are registered. Visitors and guests are not permitted in classes.

Makeup Times

Makeup times are offered for classes canceled by holidays, weather, or the instructor's request.


It may be necessary to cancel some classes due to low enrollment. The decision to cancel will be made 5-10 working days prior to the start of class. If your class is canceled, we will notify you based on the contact information that you provided.

Emergency Closing

NSSC’s policy is to run courses in any weather situation, even if Penn College Main Campus is closed. Always be safe and make sound decisions about traveling in poor weather or other emergency conditions. To report any problems or concerns, call 570-327-4768. To contact Penn College's Police Department, please call 570-321-5555.

Group Training

NSSC offers in-field training for larger groups. If your organization or company would like to schedule an in-field course or workshop, please contact NSSC.