Clean Energy Center

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The Commonwealth’s primary resource for weatherization training and technical assistance since 1985

The Clean Energy Center is a nationally-recognized U.S. DOE legacy Weatherization Training Center that provides technical expertise and competency-based training courses to home energy professionals in the building performance field, including the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and regional utility residential energy conservation programs.

The Center serves as the primary technical resource to Pennsylvania’s Weatherization Program, including worker mentoring, field manual development, and continuous improvement efforts focused on training and technical assistance. The Center also offers technical consultation and training assistance to out-of-state weatherization and energy conservation programs.

Download the PA SWS Field Guide

Please complete the form below to download a copy of the 2021 Pennsylvania Standard Work Specification-Aligned (SWS) Field Guide. All crew workers are required to use PA’s SWS Field Guide on the jobsite to reference the Job Aids, the desired outcome of specific tasks, as well as to ensure the installed measures are 100% compliant with the SWS.

Contact Information

Training for PA WAP Workers

PA WAP training requirements for Retrofit Installers, Crew Leaders, Energy Auditors, and QC Inspectors follow our IREC-accredited Home Energy Professional Training Programs. HVAC subcontractor training requirements as well as annual training refresher requirements for all weatherization workers are outlined the current PA DCED Training Directive on DCED’s SharePoint site for all PA WAP subgrantees to access. Please email to request access to DCED’s SharePoint site.

Reimbursement Services for the PA WAP

The Clean Energy Center serves as the central clearinghouse for expense reimbursement to PA WAP workers and subcontractors for the following:

For Employers

How to get reimbursed for: 

For Individuals

How to get reimbursed for:

Missing a detailed receipt? Download the Declaration of Missing Receipt Form and attach in your Concur expense report.

Concur software is the PA Weatherization Assistance Program’s cloud-based software that intakes, processes, and stores all training-related reimbursement activity. Agency staff wages should not be submitted through Concur. Please contact PA DCED for further guidance on wage reimbursement.

Concur Login Site:

As the PA WAP administrator for Concur, the Clean Energy Center is responsible for setting up user accounts and providing general troubleshooting for Concur questions or issues.

To obtain a Concur user account: Contact your PA WAP Agency Director/Coordinator to confirm you are listed on their current Training Plan as an active worker or subcontractor. 

Once you are listed as an active worker or subcontractor on an Agency’s Training Plan, the Center will create your Concur account and generate a welcome email with login and guidance information.

Problems logging into your Concur account? Make sure to use the same email address listed on your PA WAP Agency’s Training Plan. Contact your Agency Director or Coordinator if you need to provide an updated email address for their Training Plan.

PA Weatherization Technical Assistance

Technical Questions:

The Clean Energy Center serves as the clearinghouse for receiving and coordinating responses to all PA WAP questions and requests for information of a technical nature, including technical questions regarding weatherization work and the Standard Work Specifications (SWS).

Submit your technical questions to the Clean Energy Center Technical Team email:

Technical Q&A useful to others are posted on DCED’s SharePoint site for all PA WAP subgrantees to access. Prior to submitting a technical question, please check the Technical Q&A document on the DCED SharePoint site to see if the current list provides an answer. Please email to request access to DCED’s SharePoint site. Policy-related questions and LIHEAP Crisis issues should still be referred to DCED for a response.

Technical Assistance Field Visits:

The Clean Energy Center is available to provide in-field technical assistance to your workers. The visits are aimed at helping all workers understand their role in the weatherization process.

All relevant Agency/Subcontractor personnel are welcome to participate in the technical assistance visit, if desired. Our hope is to encourage teamwork and communication through the whole process

As soon as you have one of these opportunities available, please email to set up a technical assistance visit.

PA Weatherization Training Questions & Answers

If you have (1) previously attended weatherization training at one of Pennsylvania’s approved weatherization training providers and (2) have completed the necessary coursework for your desired job classification, you can be automatically grandfathered into a training program. If you have not completed both of these requirements, you must attend training.

If you are a direct hire of a Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) agency employee or a subcontractor to a WAP agency, you are eligible for no-cost training and certification.

If you are not associated with the Weatherization Assistance Program, all of our courses are also available for a fee. Please visit our Home Energy Professional page or contact us for more information.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) agency employees or subcontractors: Please work through your Agency Weatherization Director/Coordinator to identify your training needs on the Agency’s Training Plan. After confirming which coursework is required for your job classification, visit our Training Schedule page to register yourself for each course, using the Promo Code provided to receive the PA WAP discount. During registration, you must provide a valid email address that is unique to you in order to access your individual online courses and training records.

Private individuals and companies: If you are not associated with the Weatherization Assistance Program, our courses are also available for a fee. Please visit our Home Energy Professional page or contact us for more information.


Clean Energy Center

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