Forest Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)
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Imagine a career where you could spend your days outside? You can make this happen when you define your future in Forest Technology. This program takes a hands-on approach that prepares you for technical and mid-management positions in forestry production, wood processing, federal and state agencies, and manufacturing industries. Learn everything from GPS/GIS technology and data collection tools to botany and wildlife. And you’ll do it in our state-of-the-art Earth Science Center, vast experimental forest with 785 acres of timber, and fully equipped sawmill.


Square-Foot Sawmill


Acres of Timber

Opportunity to Earn 4 Certifications


  • Forest fire control
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Timber estimation, marking, and stand improvement
  • Location and survey of forest property lines
  • Government agencies

At Penn College, we believe your educational experience should go beyond specialized skills. Real-world ready means taking a broader approach that builds communication skills, inspires collaboration, and encourages exploration of arts, history, and science.

​​Specialization requires in-depth knowledge and high-level proficiency. Students learn and apply major-specific concepts, skills, and methods.

​Perspectives are points of view, offering a variety of ways of understanding, interacting, and influencing the world. Students identify, explain, and utilize the approaches used by academics and professionals to study, analyze, or understand problems, and offer solutions.

  • First Year Experience (FYE101)
  • Basic Botany (BIO111)
  • Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective (FIT)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO111)
  • Open Elective (OEA)

​​Foundations are the practical, intellectual, and social skills: communication, collaboration, critical and ethical thinking, quantitative thinking, and technological literacy that are crucial to every student at every stage of education and at every stage of life.

  • English Composition I (ENL111)
  • Information, Technology, and Society (CSC124)
  • English Composition II (ENL121) or
  • Technical and Professional Communication (ENL201) or
  • Fundamentals of Speech (SPC101) or
  • Interpersonal Communication (SPC201)
  • Technical Algebra and Trigonometry I (MTH124) or
  • College Algebra and Trigonometry I (MTH180)
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Forest Technology

Learn everything that goes into sustainable woodland management. Follow the lifecycle of growth from the seedling and germination stages to maturity and harvest phases. Get boots-on-the-ground experience in our 100-acre experimental forest and soak in lots of valuable insight from experienced instructors. 

Student Experience

Katalynn interned on a reservation, helping the Bureau of Indian Affairs-Rocky Mountain Region assess woodlands within a 445,000-acre reservation in Lame Deer, Montana.

"I was out in the wild all summer, interacting with trees and wildlife! There aren’t many majors that provide that – let alone the chance to have an internship in such raw country.”


Katalynn Thomas

Forest Technology


Earth Science Center

Gain real-world experience at our Earth Science Center where you’ll work in three experimental forest sites, which are home to 785 acres of timber. And our 8,000-square-foot sawmill houses lots of industry equipment like a dehumidification dry kiln, dozer, John Deere 440C skidder, CAT D3 skidder dozer, John Deer 380 forklift, and a 2011 tandem International logging truck with Prentice loader.

Industry Partners

Work with experts to become an expert

Penn College's strong partnerships impact every step of your journey – from your first day in the classroom and labs, to career placement (oftentimes before graduation) and beyond.

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Student Life

Lead and put your skills to the test

Forestry Club

Organize and participate in social, leadership, and professional activities related to careers in forestry. Members plan and participate in college and community service projects, fundraising, and the Woodmen’s Competition.

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Penn College’s ‘Tree Campus USA’ designation renewed

For the fourth year in a row, Pennsylvania College of Technology has been honored with Tree Campus USA recognition for ...


Lab lessons magnified at area nature preserve

Students in Erich R. Doebler’s Wildlife Management class (FOR245) recently visited Montour Preserve, which is managed by ...


Forestry students extensively tour local veneer operation

Students in Erich R. Doebler’s Forest Products class this week visited the Danzer plant on Reach Road, one of the few ...

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Student Experience

The community as their classroom

Forestry students tour lumberyard in heart of Appalachian hardwoods

Forestry students recently traveled to Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc. for an industry tour. Students learned about the process from beginning to end, starting with receiving green lumber from over 100 different sawmills to sorting, grading, stickering, kiln drying and secondary manufacturing, finishing with a tour of a facility that thermally modifies wood to be resistant to natural decay. The process, an emerging technology employed by only a handful of businesses in the U.S., allows Pennsylvania hardwoods to be used in high-performance outdoor applications for which they traditionally have not been selected.

More Information

The educational program in Forest Technology leading to an Associate of Applied Science in Forest Technology is accredited by the Society of American Foresters.

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Uniform/Safety Protection

  • Leather work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety toe boots
  • Stihl Arborist Birch Orange Hard Hat Helmet with Ear Defenders & Visor

Uniforms and tools are available for purchase through The College Store.

Alternative Credit refers to academic credits earned through means other than traditional college course completion, including: credit by exam, articulation, proof of competency gained in high school, work/life experience, and advanced placement.

Visit the Alternative Credit Options page for requirements and procedures and for information on credit through Advanced Placement.

  • Ms. Renee Carey, Executive Director, Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy
  • Mr. Gerald L Hoy, '02, Forester, PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry
  • Ms. Sarah E Johnson, Northern Area Forest Health Specialist, PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry
  • Mr. Jeffrey Liedtka, '07, Vice President of Forestry Operations, King's Sawmill, Inc.
  • Mr. Jeffrey S Prowant, District Forester, Bureau of Forestry
  • Mr. Brian A Rider, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Forest Products Association
  • Mr. Regan Swartzentruber, '10, Manager, Ontario Hardwood Co., Inc.
  • Mr. Ray Wheeland, Owner, Wheeland Lumber Company, Inc.
  • Mr. Curtis Wolfhope, '91, '92, Sales Representative, Lewis Lumber Products, Inc.

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