Internships Work!

The School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies works with numerous employers to ensure that our students gain valuable learning experiences in real-world settings. Through the internship experience, students not only apply the skills learned in the classrooms and labs, but they also gain an understanding of the industry that can only be found on the job. The internship is typically completed during the summer between the first year and second year of study. Internships are a required and important part of the curriculum for students enrolled in the following programs:

Current students, please visit the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies on the myPCT Portal for detailed requirements and forms.

Employer Benefits – Consider a Penn College intern

In addition to providing students with opportunities to learn valuable industry-specific skills, you will reap many benefits. The advantages noted by employers include:

  • Working with a highly motivated individual whose productivity often exceeds expectations.
  • Gaining an individual with fresh insight and abilities using cutting-edge technology.
  • Completing special projects without reassigning full-time employees.
  • Observing a student's performance before making a commitment to full-time employment.
  • Building a long-term relationship with Penn College and its students.

Internship Requirements

  • The internship must provide a minimum number of hours, as determined by the course requirements.
  • The position must provide meaningful and challenging learning experiences for the student.
  • The work should be relatively secure to provide the minimum internship hours.
  • The employer will help the student and internship coordinator develop specific learning objectives.
  • The employer will enter into an Internship Training Agreement with the College and the student, and sign an equal employment opportunity statement.
  • The employer will evaluate the student's performance during and at the conclusion of the internship.
  • The employer must provide a safe and secure work environment for the student.

Building a Relationship with the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies

Our students possess a wide array of skill sets and we offer a variety of programs such as landscape and horticulture, foresty, heavy construction equipment, and diesel technology. To learn more about our majors, our students, and the benefits of becoming an internship provider, please contact the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies.

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