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The enrollment process includes a series of steps that will help you to make the transition into academic life at Penn College. The steps involve identifying your skills and placing you into comparable coursework, providing advising to review and discuss placement- and major-related matters, designing a first-semester course schedule that fits your placement and curriculum requirements. We aim to ensure that you get off on the right foot academically.

The Academic Side of Enrollment

The following steps in the enrollment process are academic in nature and follow in succession after your acceptance to the College. 

*See the Enrollment Checklist for a complete list of steps that you will need to complete from acceptance to the first day of classes.


Your final acceptance is contingent upon your ability to meet placement requirements. The placement process, will determine how your current skills in math, reading, and English compare to what you will need for success in your major.


The final step in your enrollment journey is to attend Connections , a required orientation program for new students.

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