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As a student at Penn College, Nate served as a presidential student ambassador, a resident assistant, and a freshman orientation leader. In the evenings, he taught welding safety classes in The Dr. Welch Workshop: A Makerspace at Penn College and volunteered as a mentor at a local children's center. And he was also the President of the Campus Crusade for Christ, a popular student-run organization. Did we mention he plays the saxophone? Today Nate is sharing his talents with the next generation at the E.F. Smith STEAM Academy in York, PA.

Nate Lyon
Tomorrow Maker
So much to celebrate

So much to celebrate

Penn College's newly upgraded and expanded 55,000-plus square feet welding lab was dedicated in February 2020. Students, faculty, industry, and a host of other supporters gathered to celebrate one of the largest facilities of its kind in higher education.

“The people in our lives matter far more than welding ever will,” he told the crowd. “The things we create will melt and rust and fail. But the way we influence those around us has the potential to affect generations to come.”

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Student Experience

“The past four years at Penn College have been a wild joy. I’ve spent more than 1,200 hours in the welding lab, which now consists of more than 55,000 square feet, thanks in part to corporate support.”

Nate Lyon

Giving thanks

Grateful for the experiences awarded to him at Penn College, Nate was first in line to say 'thanks' to those who supported his journey. Check out his video. Learn more about Nate's adventures. And see how powerful the generosity of others can be.  


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A walk through time

During his 3+ years at Penn College, Nate's been involved in all types of activities. Here's a look at a few of his highlights.

Check him out in our 'Looking Good' video

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