Dining Services

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Allergy Information

Penn College Dining Services strives to provide each of our guests with accurate information on potential food allergens. These allergens include: eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, sesame seeds, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat. It is important to note:

  • Our menu items may contain, or may have come in contact with, potential allergens.
  • Dining Services does not have allergen-free or gluten-free kitchens, but concentrated efforts are made to try to eliminate cross contact. "Gluten-friendly" refers to an item that is gluten free, however, is prepared in an environment that may contain gluten.
  • Food manufacturers may change their product formulation or manner of processing without our knowledge. Because of the potential for substitute ingredients, with or without our knowledge, we cannot guarantee our products are completely free of any potential allergens.
  • Penn College will assume no liability for reactions to food/beverages consumed at any dining facility.
  • Any guest who dines with us is encouraged to contact one of our managers to make sure there is a clear understanding of their needs. Guests may consult a member of the Dining Services management team for additional assistance or email questions to
  • Students with allergies who anticipate needing any type of accommodation, should complete the self-disclosure form and submit documentation to Disability Services to initiate the process. Please review the documentation guidelines to determine the appropriate documentation needed. If you have questions, please contact Disability & Access Services at or at 570-320-5225 or TTY: 570-321-5528, in advance of your participation or visit.

Nutrition and Wellness

Menu Identification Tags

Tags are found by all prepared foods in each of the dining units and indicate the type of food, ingredients, allergens, vegetarian, heart healthy, and vegan.

Nutrition Information

NetNutrition contains information about food allergens and nutrition for all dining units online. Nutritional content of food may change with addition of condiments and/or modifications to recommended portion sizes

Nutrition Counseling

Rebecca Pawlik, R.D., L.D.N. is our registered dietitian.You can arrange individual diet counseling appointments for healthy eating, food allergies, special diets, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, and sport nutrition. Nutrition counseling is free for students.

Meet the Dietitian

Registered Dietitian, Rebecca Pawlik, R.D, L.D.N.

Recipe Standards & Availability

  • We use canola oil in recipes requiring salad or vegetable oil

  • Our tuna is packed in water

  • We do not add MSG to any recipe (some recipe items may already contain MSG)

  • Items containing allergens are clearly labeled

  • We use gluten-free soy sauce in recipes

  • Vegetarian and Meat options available at every meal

  • Vegan dishes available

  • Several milk options available (Low-fat, Whole, Lactaid, Soy, Almond)

  • We serve low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt



Dining Services

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