Dining Services

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place an order

GET is a mobile and online ordering system at Penn College. This exclusive Dining Plan benefit allows users to:

  • Order food ahead of time.
    • Select a pick-up time that is convenient for you.
    • Save your favorites for quicker ordering.
  • Check your account balance.
    • View your account history including GET orders and purchases in dining units and vending machine purchases.
  • Instantly add Dining Dollars to an already established Dining Plan for the current semester.
  • Report your card lost.
    • This action will disable your account until your report your card found or get a replacement card at the ID center.

WHO can use GET?

Only those who are enrolled in a Dining Plan for the current semester can order and manage their account using GET.


  • Any student that is enrolled in a dining plan for the current semester
    • Board Plan (19, 14, 10, 5)
    • Block Plan (80, 50)
    • Dining Dollar Only ($500, $300, $100, or Spring Dining Dollar)

*all student Dining Plans are semester based and you MUST have an establish Dining Plan, each semester, to use the GET app. If you are not currently enrolled in one of the above starting plans, use the link below to start a plan.

start a plan


  • Employee Dining Plan
    • You will still receive your 20% discount when ordering through GET


When your student is running low on dining dollars, add funds instantly to their dining account through GET.

add funds

  • Parents/Guests adding to an account will need students ID # and first and last name as it officially appears on college documentation.

WHERE can I use GET?

  • CC Commons
  • Fresh
  • Keystone Dining Room
  • Nature’s Cove
  • Aviation – this location is for students enrolled in the Aviation Program ONLY

WHEN can I place an order with GET?

CC CommonsCampus CenterMonday – Friday11:15 a.m. – 9 p.m. (M-TH); 11:15 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Keystone Dining RoomLEC BuildingMonday – Friday10:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Nature’s CoveEarth Science CenterMonday – Friday8 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
FreshATHS BuildingMonday – Friday11 a.m. or noon
*deliveries are made to this unit twice a day at above set pick-up times
AviationAviation CenterMonday – Friday11:15 a.m.
*deliveries are made to the Aviation Center once a day at above set pick-up times

*See ordering notes for detailed ordering instructions, rules, and examples.

HOW do I GET started?

  1. Download the free GET app from the App store or Google Play or visit GET online.
  2. Log in with your college email and password.
  3. Order from select campus dining units
  4. Pick up your order at designated time.

HOW do I place an order with GET?

  • Select Order
  • Select the Menu you would like to order from
    • Note that each unit has two menus
      • Board – for using a Board or Block Meal
      • Dining Dollar – for paying with Dining Dollars
  • Select Pick-up time
    • ASAP = 30 min from order time
    • Later = date/time you select
  • Order Items
    • Select your items and condiment choices you want to order
      • NOTES BOX - Use the note box to include any specific instructions related to allergies or food sensitivity. 
        • Requests such as double meat or extra peppers will not be honored. 
      • QTY - If you are ordering a board meal, you cannot add more than one main item to your order, if you do, your order will fail.
    • Select the Add 1 Meal button
    • Select View Cart
      • Double check that your order is correct
    • Select Payment Method
    • Include any additional notes
    • Select PLACE ORDER 1 MEAL

place an order

Ordering Notes

CC Commons / Keystone Dining Room / Nature’s Cove

  • There is at least a 30 minute prep time for all orders, even if you select ASAP
  • Dining Dollar orders deduct from your account at time of order.
  • Board/Block meals deduct from your account 30 minutes prior to due time – NOT at time of order.
    • Remember - you can only use 1 Board/Block meal from the top of the hour (:00) to the bottom of the hour (:59), regardless if you use GET or order in-person.
      • EXAMPLE 1: if you eat a meal in the Keystone Dining Room at 11:02 PM then try to place an order at CC Commons for 11:45 AM, your GET order will be rejected.
      • EXAMPLE 2: if you place a GET order at CC Commons for 7:15 PM and then a second one due at 7:59 PM – the second one will be rejected.

Fresh / Aviation

  • Fresh & Aviation orders are delivered to those areas at the designated set pick-up times.
    • Fresh & Aviation menus will always say CLOSED – however, you can still order
    • Aviation orders must be placed by 9:30 AM for 11:15 AM pick-up
    • Fresh orders must be placed by 10:30 AM for 11 AM pick-up / 11:30 AM for Noon pick-up

Confirmation and Failure emails

  • When an order is placed you will automatically get a confirmation email
      • This does not mean that your order has been accepted – it is just confirmation that the order has been placed.
    • 30 minute prior to your due time this order will be sent to the dining plan system
      • At this time the order payment will be accepted or denied
    • If accepted your order will finish processing and will be ready for you at time of designated pick-up
    • If denied, you will receive a second email stating that your order has been canceled. This should come with the subject Order Submission Failed.

Dining Services

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