Our brand standards celebrate our special mission affiliate status with Penn State and elevate Penn College's unique position in higher education. Adherence to these standards allows us to effectively and consistently communicate the value of the College and its brand.

Current Marks

University-Affiliate Logo

Pennsylvania College of Technology

In August 2018, Penn College formally adopted a variant of Penn State’s mark as its primary mark, intended for use on campus signage, uniforms, vehicles, business forms, stationery, and nametags.

College Wordmark

Pennsylvania College of Technology

The College wordmark serves as the primary mark for enrollment marketing materials and website branding. It is also used as a secondary campus signage mark.

Athletic & Spirit Mark

Penn College Wildcats

The Penn College Wildcat is designed to celebrate the spirit of the College. Applications include Athletics, Student Affairs employee uniforms, and student-life/alumni communications.

College Seal

College Seal

The College seal is Pennsylvania College of Technology’s official mark. Its use is reserved for specific institutional level by the President and Provost's offices.