Brewing students win bronze medals in national contest

Published 09.30.2022

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The 2022 U.S. College Open Beer Championship has awarded two bronze medals to beers brewed by students in brewing & fermentation science at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

In the Belgian-Style Fruit Beer category, “Rachel’s Raspberry Tart,” produced by Rachel J. Gobin, captured one of the bronzes. The other medal was attained in the Robust Porter category by “Group Effort Porter,” a beer that was a full-class effort. The brews were created at the conclusion of the Spring 2022 semester.

Rachel J. Gobin, a May graduate in brewing & fermentation science at Pennsylvania College of Technology, captured a bronze medal in the 2022 U.S. College Open Beer Championship. Gobin, originally of Carlisle, is employed as an assistant brewer at Axemann Brewery, Bellefonte.Gobin, from Carlisle, graduated in May and is employed as an assistant brewer at Axemann Brewery in Bellefonte. In addition to her certificate in brewing & fermentation science, Gobin earned an associate degree in baking & pastry arts and a bachelor’s degree in applied management.

“I am excited and pleased that the work our students produced in the brewing lab as they explored and applied scientific and technological concepts has been recognized by the U.S. College Open Beer Championship in 2022,” said Timothy L. Yarrington, brewing instructor. “I am even more excited and pleased to know our graduates are in high demand and succeeding in the brewing industry. Each year, since the beginning of the program, Penn College brewing and fermentation graduates who seek immediate employment find it. The positive performance reports I invariably get from the breweries who hire them is the ultimate reward for me.”

In addition to Gobin, the 2022 brewing & fermentation science graduates and their employers are: Ryan Bosch, Sly Fox Brewhouse, Phoenixville; Chihiro Ikegaya-Sattler, Wellsboro House, Wellsboro; Adam T. Joraskie, Lancaster Brewing Co., Lancaster; Eamon R. Mahood, Burgh’ers Brewing, Pittsburgh; Stewart J. Snyder, Logyard Brewing, Kane; and Taylor J. Strein, Rosko’s Brew House, Williamsport. Chareesh S. Kenche also graduated and is pursuing a master’s degree at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Other Spring 2022 class members who are continuing coursework for the Fall 2022 semester are: Jeramiah C. Styers, who is working at Four Birds Distilling Co. in Jersey Shore, and Edward A. Sobol, who is developing a business plan for his own brewery.

The U.S. Open College Beer Championship is the only competition for beers exclusively from college and university brewing and fermentation programs. In its sixth year of operation, 11 colleges and universities from the U.S. and Canada participated in the contest this year.

Eligible styles for the U.S. Open College Beer Championship are the same as those of the U.S. Open Beer Championship, with 132 styles represented in nine categories: pale ale, IPA, stout, ale, lager, hybrid, barrel aged, specialty and non-alcoholic. Each entry is judged by U.S. Open Style Standards and the submitted intentions of the student brewers.

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