The wheels on the cab go 'Ka-ching!'

Published 11.04.2021

Student News

Another fun WEB event, thanks to (from left) McKenna N. Myers (Promotions and Marketing Team Lead), Lauryn A. Stauffer (Wildcat Wednesday Team Lead), Sophia G. Wiest (Live Entertainment Team Lead), and Caila N. Flanagan (Chair).The cart awaits its next passenger outside the CC, where the Fitness Center windows beautifully reflect the waning afternoon.From a table filled with snacks and info, Wiest talks with a contestant about WEB's campus offerings.The "Cash Cab" makes another loop, whizzing past Madigan Library in an autumnal blur.With a borrowed golf cart and a battery of Penn College-related questions, the Wildcat Events Board gave away $250 in short order during its less-than-trivial version of "Cash Cab" this week. Drawing from the Discovery Channel game show, WEB's latest "Wildcat Wednesday" program took contestants for an often profitable spin from the Bush Campus Center entrance. Before boarding, students were given information about the organization and the activities that it sponsors – information that paid off if they paid attention! WEB also got the scoop on what respondents would like to see added to the menu of events. (A hint to one of the top answers: It's spelled B-I-N-G-O.)
Photos by Alexis M. Burrell, student photographer