Antique Vehicle Centerpiece for Instructor's Library Presentation

Published 04.26.2013

Collision Repair & Restoration
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Roy H. Klinger, instructor of collision repair, opens the 1909 Chalmers-Detroit roadster to give his audience a rare look inside.The campus' oldest "resident" took center stage Friday in one of the institution's newest buildings, as the Madigan Library hosted a forum on the refurbishing of vintage vehicles. “The Horseless Carriage Meets Auto Restoration at Penn College, ” a presentation by collision repair instructor Roy H. Klinger, included classroom interaction and an up-close look at a 1909 Chalmers-Detroit roadster on loan to the college (and on display near the library entrance). Klinger is among the faculty members in the two-year automotive restoration technology major, which has attracted respectful attention and substantial support from museums, collectors and industry leaders.