Dining Services' 'Boo-fay' Ghoulishly Satisfies Student Sweet Tooth

Published 10.26.2011

Student News

Penn's Inn offers seasonal atmosphere Students fill trick-or-treat bags Candy 'boo-fay' is guarded by a furtive feline... ... and a skeletal sentry Students enjoyed a hauntingly happy Halloween Candy "Boo-fay" in Penn's Inn on Tuesday, a free event hosted by Dining Services. Spooky servings of root beer-flavored worms, gummy eyeballs and candy spiders highlighted the second annual frightfest, as well as favorites such as Skittles, M&M's and Smarties. "Students commented on the nostalgic candy selections, stating how it brought back memories of 'trick or treating' as a child," said Noelle B. Bloom, assistant director of dining services, who also provided photos.