'My Last Words' Series Continues April 11

Published 04.06.2006

Baking & Culinary

Michael J. DitchfieldBy Juli Reppert, student writer/photographer

The third and final presentation in this semester's "My Last Words" series at Pennsylvania College of Technology will be offered April 11, when Chef Michael J. Ditchfield, instructor of food and hospitality management/culinary arts, discusses the importance of becoming involved in school and in the community.

Each presentation in the series features a Penn College faculty member who has been nominated by students to present what he or she would share if this were the last chance to speak in front of a group of students. This challenge is to share what is most important and to answer the question, "What would my last words be?"

Ditchfield's program, "One Person Can Make a Difference," which is free and open to the public, will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Penn's Inn at the Bush Campus Center. The "My Last Words" series is sponsored by the Student Activities Office at Penn College.

Ditchfield will explain why he believes it is important for students to become involved in school and community activities.

"People in general, and students more so, need to feel special and significant," he said. "They may not know it, but they impact the people they come in contact with. I enjoy working with the students, and I enjoy being with them."

Ditchfield said he didn't participate while in college, and he wants to see the students take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and to do some of the things he did not.

"I would like to see our students mobilize, get involved and at least stand for something," he said. "We are all in this together. This country runs on volunteers and people's generosity. It's important to be a part of something. I think the only place your voice can be heard, and the only place your vote counts, is at the local level.

"The times are changing, and the only constant thing in life is change. By showing up and participating in life, they (students) can influence change."

For more information on the "My Last Words" series at Penn College, call (570) 327-4763, send e-mail or visit online.