Panel Discussion to Examine International Media

Published 02.15.2005


Join Dr. Daniel J.Doyle, professor of history; international students of Penn College, and members of the community in a panel discussion of "International Media: Gaining a Broader View of Seeing the World." Dr. Doyle will moderate the discussion, which will be held from noon-1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 16, in the Penn College Library.

Members of the panel include Dr. Asif Javed, physician at Susquehanna Health System from Pakistan; a member of the Mexican consulate; Sun Nyeo Reibson, from Korea; Susana Falck, from Ecuador; Masumi Yasuda, international student from Japan; Mercedes Leblanc, from Venezuela; and Nellie (United States) and Deepu Bhattarai, from Nepal.

The discussion will examine other countries, looking at the forms of news media, and how they shape public opinion. Dr. Doyle will explore topics, such as the attitude toward government-controlled media and entertainment-type media.

He will ask questions such as, "What type of international news coverage is there?" "Is there an 'official' or governmental source of news and what is the public's attitude toward it?" "What are the differences between news coverage in your country and the United States?" "To what extent is international news part of news coverage?" "What is the attitude expressed regarding the United States?"

Light refreshments will be served.