David Zlotnicki

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The best learning experiences come from many different places, no more so than a lot of hard work, and commitment to continuous improvement. When looking for programs David knew that finding a program that would work as hard as he did was a priority. David dove headfirst into the dual learning environment available at Penn College. He has shown the devotion to evolving technology, and how it can be used to improve lives.

David Zlotnicki
Creating a Show Stopper
Student Experience

Creating a Show Stopper

Darkness envelops the college. The campus mall is quiet and still. It’s the middle of the week and nearly 1 o’clock in the morning. Most of the Pennsylvania College of Technology community will be asleep for several more hours, recharging for another productive day.

But a couple electronics majors are wide awake. Among them is junior David Zlotnicki. He is tired and has an analog systems class in eight hours. He’s also not leaving the lab for the comforts of bed. Zlotnicki is on a roll. He's created a wired glove that allows him to manipulate a robot.

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“What’s interesting about David’s project is that he took one of our robots and is controlling it in a way that it really isn’t meant to be controlled,” said Richard J. Calvert Jr., assistant professor and department head of electronics and computer engineering technology. “He integrated concepts from several different classes and that takes some good skill. His project encompasses so many areas, and he made it all work.”



“What impressed me the most is that he didn’t ask many questions,” said Ken J. Kinley, instructor of electronics and computer engineering technology. “Other than having to get him a few parts and answering some minor questions here and there, David did it on his own.”


“We are always looking for students who we can tell, ‘Go do this.’ And they go, ‘OK.’ Then they come back later and it all works," Calvert said. "That is by far the kind of employee that industry wants, someone who can operate independently and take initiative. David didn’t know how to do this project. He worked it out. There’s going to be a wonderful future for a person like that. Industry wants to snatch those folks up.”

“One of the biggest reasons I chose electronics at Penn College was because it’s hands-on learning. I like projects where you can build, incorporate different aspects and see it working. If you’re looking for a good blend of theoretical and technical, I think Penn College is a great fit.”

David Zlotnicki

Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology and Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology: Robotics & Automation Emphasis


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Learn industry standards. Apply circuit design principles. Analyze sophisticated networks. And take the lead to manage projects from kickoff to completion.  

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