This portion of the website is focused on the benefit of currently enrolled cadets and the students in the process of becoming enrolled.

Land Navigation is a necessary tool for any officer and the following program is intended to help break down the basics of Land Navigation for cadets seeking additional help. Land Navigation Program.

FMs (field manuals) are just one important reference tool for NCOs and Officers alike. Whether you are teaching a lane, debating with your battle buddy, or looking for a good read FMs are the best way to educate yourself in military doctrine. 

If you are currently having troubling passing your APFT, or if you are looking to push yourself but don't know how click here to go to the crossfit workout page.

Ranger Up

Are you a high speed athletically inclined cadet with a desire to take on and compete with schools around the Brigade? Then Bald Eagle Battalion's ROTC Ranger Challenge is the place for you! Take on the challenge and represent our program side by side with your fellow cadets.


On Order, 2nd Freedom Brigade conducts a Ranger Challenge Competition that provides a framework where Cadet teams are tested on their warrior skills tasks; determines the best Ranger Challenge Team in the BDE; prepares the best team for consideration for the Sandhurst Competition.


  • Conduct a challenging Ranger Challenge Competition (includes resource, funds, and transportation)
  • Train required Cadre
  • Train all Cadets on MS 1 through MS 4 qualifying tasks


  1. Obstacle Course
  2. Confidence Course
  3. Mission to One Rope Bridge
  4. One Rope Bridge
  5. Hand Grenade Assault Course
  6. TCCC Lane
  7. Weapons
  8. Boat Movement Lane
  9. Commander's Challenge
  10. Rappel

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